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NEW! Live Online Course

Designing the Future: A Lean Product Development Immersive Learning Experience

Join us for a 5-day learning experience and learn how to deliver products or services customers want, fast--over and over again.

In this in-depth workshop taught live and online by experienced coaches, you’ll learn a proven and holistic development framework that aligns the entire enterprise to accelerate time to market, reduce design rework, reduce development team frustration, and deliver what the customer wants and needs in a new product or service.

NEW! On-Demand Go-At-Your-Own-Pace Course

Learning to See Using Value Stream Mapping Workshop

A go-at-your-own-pace, web-based workshop faithfully based on the innovative content in the landmark Learning to See workbook that introduced value-stream mapping to the world.

Learn how to use value-stream mapping, a fundamental lean management tool that creates "blueprints" for applying other techniques such as kaizen events most effectively.

On-Demand Go-At-Your-Own-Pace Courses

Introduction to Lean Thinking and Practice Course

This engaging, 30-hour, go-at-your-own-pace course is designed to give you an understanding of lean, what it might look like in your workplace, and how to start applying it.

Created for people new to lean and continuous improvement, for individuals looking to improve their lean understanding and skills, and for organizations wanting to level set the lean knowledge of their workforce to speed progress.



Introduction to Problem Solving

Problem solving is critical to every position in every industry.

In this course, you will learn to grasp the situation at the gemba (where the work is done) and use all your senses to understand what is truly happening. All too often, people create countermeasures to perceived problems without digging deeper, asking the right questions, and thinking more. Learning to grasp the actual situation is paramount to identifying root cause(s) of the problem and solving it.

Live Online Course 

Hoshin Kanri Remotely - Aligning and Executing on Your Organizational Objectives

Join us for a 9-week live online learning experience where you will sharpen your leadership skills and develop a deeper understanding of hoshin planning (also referred to as strategy deployment).

Our live classes include smaller break-out so that you can receive coaching and feedback in a small group setting. You can also respond to questions between session for peer to peer interaction.



Live Online Course with optional one-to-one coaching

Managing to Learn Remotely: Developing Structured Problem-Solving and Leadership Skills

In Managing to Learn Remotely: Developing Structured Problem-Solving and Leadership Skills, we’ve taken the unmatched A3 problem-solving process explained in Managing to Learn, the award-winning, best-selling workbook by management expert and former CEO John Shook, and put it online with live instruction.

This in-depth, comprehensive training will teach you how to use the potent A3 methodology, based on the proven scientific method of plan-do-check-act (PDCA).

This approach helps you solve real problems at your company by collecting real-time data, collaborating with colleagues, and gathering feedback and support from peers and senior coaches.