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Coaching for Development - Structured Coaching Using A3 Thinking (1 Day Class)

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Apply the A3 process to facilitating a learner’s personal development
  2. Compare and contrast the A3 process used for personal development with the A3 process used in non-personal applications
  3. Identify key components of a coaching engagement and essential Lean coaching skills
  4. Identify personal habits, both strengths and limitations, that can be developed and/or improved upon by using A3 thinking for personal development 

Upon hearing the word “A3,” many people picture a document describing organizational problems such as bottlenecks on the production line, gaps in quality measures, or a plan to close gaps to a business challenge. But the A3 thinking process can be used in a much more personal way.

To solve our business problems and achieve organizational transformation, we also look inward and recognize that we too are a condition that requires improvement.

By using the structured framework of the A3 process and with the guidance of a coach, learners can more deeply understand the impact of their current leadership behaviors and create a plan for their own personal development. Applying A3 thinking to one’s personal development can help accelerate the creation of better leadership habits by identifying gaps in skills and putting a plan in place for getting a little bit better every day.

This workshop will take participants through a unique version of the A3 thinking process, modified to facilitate and foster personal development. We will also discuss key coaching and leadership skills that support developing others as problem solvers, and tips for how to use the personal A3 framework to anchor ongoing coaching relationship. Coaches and leaders with personal-development responsibilities are strongly encouraged to attend, as a main focus of this course will be on guiding and coaching others through this process.

In this workshop, you will learn how to facilitate your learner’s discovery of their own improvement opportunities and create a plan for improvement by coaching them through the flow of a personal improvement A3, including:

  • Background and Current State
    • Use humble inquire to support the learner to understand their current state and offer factual observations
  • Problem Statement and Target/Goals
    • Help the learner articulate their personal habits that require improvement define their desired future state with metrics
  • Analysis
    • Support the learner to uncover the reasons for the gap between their current actions and target state through root cause analysis and
  • Proposed Countermeasures, Planned Next Steps and Practice
    • Coach the learner to determine experiments and countermeasures of how they will practice and improve and determie the how the coach can support the learner’s creation of new habits and ongoing reflection.

Participants should come in with advance experience writing and or coaching A3 thinking. Basic understanding will make the class more meaningful.



Workshop Suggestion:
To maximize your learning experience we recommend that prior to attending this program you take following workshop or have a good understanding of the concepts presented within it.
Suggested Reading for this Workshop:
This program is offered at customer facilities only, as an on-site workshop. If you have any questions or want to bring this workshop to your organization, please contact us at info@lean.org or 617.871.2900.