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Boot Camp at Herman Miller (5 Day Class)


This five-day course uses a combination of classroom learning and simulation to cover core concepts of the Herman Miller Performance System, including waste, time observations, problem solving, standardized work, Jidoka, cycle time/takt time/time observations, Hour x Hour, visual management and stability.

Although the concepts are introduced via manufacturing setting, they are universal and applicable to all industries and sectors.

The course is conducted on Herman Miller premises in Spring Lake or Holland, MI.

We intentionally keep the learning group small to ensure an ideal student-to-teacher ratio and specific attention to each student in a group.   


The workshop is 7am-3pm each day and conducted both on the shop floor and in the classroom and covers the following key topics:

HMPS Overview: This module introduces the main pillars of the Herman Miller Performance System and engages the participants into the simulation of real production process. The simulation starts with a traditional manufacturing approach, then uses key HMPS concepts (Jidoka, Takt Time, JIT, Kaizen, etc) to transform the company.

Waste: Learn to recognize the seven forms of waste, overburden, and unevenness.

Cycle time/ Takt time: Learn to calculate takt time, measure cycle time, build and analyze a work balance chart and understand Sigma cycle time.

Stability: Learn about the four M's (Man, Machine, Material and Method) that make up stability and their relationship to standards.

Jidoka: Exposure to the concept of Jidoka, and practice identifying conditions where Jidoka is, or isn't in place on the shop floor.

HR x HR: Learn how this visual management tool helps leaders assess the condition of their business in the moment and capture information for longer-term trends.

PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) – Classroom session: Learn about a problem solving approach based on the scientific method.

PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) – Shop floor session: Apply a problem solving tool in a real production setting.

Standardized Work (Observing the Current Condition): This simulation teaches how to document the current condition using the three standardized work documents, as well as how to use standardized work as a tool to highlight kaizen opportunities. It brings together the items learned through the week, including practice with cycle time/takt time, waste observation, and PDCA. Participants also practice their approach with a “team member”.

Standardized Work (Kaizen): In the second half of the Standardized Work simulation, use standardized work documents to highlight opportunities for continuous improvement (Kaizen) and perform several cycles of PDCA to address team member struggles and impact our ability to meet customer demand. 

Visual Management Overview: High level overview of the visual management tools: Yamazumi, Kamishibai and Floor Management Development System (FMDS).


Upon completion, participants will have a basic awareness of, and practice applying, core HMPS concepts and will see how these concepts work together in a system. The knowledge gained after 5 days will provide critical insight into your own organizations’ introduction or continuation of a lean transformation.  

To gain full proficiency in these concepts, participants will need ongoing cycles of practice under the guidance of a coach. 


This course is suitable for all levels of leadership that have a desire to learn and practice the course material.

According to our experience, organizations will benefit most if they have:

  • Already started their lean transformation,
  • Leadership that demonstrated active support and commitment to the lean transformation,
  • Clear business and learning needs

This course is useful for organizations from various industries and sectors, as the lean concepts covered are universal.

To gain the most from the experience, participants would be able to practice applying these concepts under the guidance of a coach.



Locations and Dates for Boot Camp at Herman Miller

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Price: $6,250.00
Price includes all participant materials, breakfast, lunch and snacks each day

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