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Lean Office: Making the Invisible Visible (1 Day Class)

Many organizations whose critical functions unfold in an office environment can feel left “in the dark” when it comes to mapping and improving processes. As a result, knowledge work is especially prone to process waste when “invisible.” In this workshop, presented in partnership with MoreSteam.com, participants enter a virtual office workflow simulation to bring visibility through key lean principles.

During the workshop, participants will work inside an e-mail based workflow system to apply concepts such as …

  • Value-stream mapping
  • Value stream metrics
  • Error-proofing
  • Standardized work
  • Theory of constraints

By taking this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Engage in basic value-stream mapping
  • Remove the ambiguity from invisible office-based processes
  • Develop a visual management system that highlights key metrics and cultivates a sense of shared ownership and accountability

This workshop is recommended for process improvement leaders in service/office environments seeking to apply lean principles.

This session is being offered in partnership with the Center for Operational Excellence, The Ohio State University. 

Locations and Dates for Lean Office: Making the Invisible Visible
October 24
The Fawcett Event Center
Columbus, OH
Instructor: Rick Guba
Important Information About This Event & Location

We encourage you to make hotel accommodations early.

Price: $800.00 ($700.00 if the participant is taking 2 or more workshops at one location)
Price includes all participant materials, breakfast, lunch and snacks each day

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