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Developing and Cascading Hoshin Kanri Directional Management KPI's (2 Day Class)

This 2 day workshop will take a deep dive into helping clarify the relationship of Hoshin Kanri directional management planning to A3 problem solving within each level of the organization (vertically and horizontally) ensuring all of the functional areas begin to see through the same continuous improvement lens. It will look at the macro viewpoint (higher level strategy goals) and breaking it down into department and team levels and what they looks like cascading downward as the goals are dispersed.

Many organizations discuss with how to best engage the workforce to an aligned direction that ensures business viability. The session helps CEO’s, Executives, Middle management to the supervisor level understand that everyone that is an influencer and change agent has the responsibility of connecting the company's people to the purpose/true north of the organization. So how to do this effectively?  How can leaders build and condition the culture of an organization into one in which the work they are doing is value-added and aligned in its approach to long-term growth and sustainability? 

Hoshin Kanri is a process that aligns people and their individual work to their organization's functions and activities with its strategic objectives/tactics. If differentiates strategic A3’s as they relate to problem solving A3’s making connections that cascade through level/scope.  Hoshin alignment/thinking encourages SDCA (Standardize-Do-Check-Act) before PDCA can effectively be done.   Standardization is the foundation to see abnormality at a glance in order ensure the internal and external customer needs are being met. 

Lastly, this thinking/planning encourages creativity in each team member at each level as goals are developed in a dynamic, catch-ball process that involves a dialogue between each level of management about annual corporate objectives. This engaged dialogue promotes the capability of the organization to manage based on purpose.

Attendees of this workshop will:

  • Better understand what Hoshin Karni is and the purpose behind it.
  • SDCA (Standardize-Do-Check-Act) is the pre-requisite for PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)
  • Learn to develop top level goals of the organization and cascade them vertically and horizontally throughout the organization creating common goals
  • Getting away from a “we versus they” mentality- creating the “US”.
  • Develop measures to know when the needle is moving in the areas of focus and when to make change when they aren’t
  • Work in teams to develop hoshins at a executive level and department level
  • Grasp the importance of true north development as the guiding beacon for all levels
  • Differentiating caused versus created gap A3’s and the different formats for each one
  • All strategy A3’s will spawn caused gap problem A3’s to be done connecting to KPI’s
  • Leave with several example given from our Toyota days of creating Hoshin from a top level to department level along with a case study to help guide them after the session


Locations and Dates for Developing and Cascading Hoshin Kanri Directional Management KPI's

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Price: $1,600.00 ($1,400.00 if the participant is taking 2 or more workshops at one location)
Price includes all participant materials, breakfast, lunch and snacks each day

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