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Influence Skills for Lean/CI Leaders and Coaches (1 Day Class)

Many lean/CI leaders, coordinators and internal coaches report high levels of frustration, concern and stress.  Their senior leadership is in most cases holding them responsible for making their companies “lean”.  And they seldom have been given the authority or resources to engage the rest of their companies in the efforts. They also often feel they cannot get the active and sustained support of upper or mid-level management. Many feel they are almost caught in a no-win situation.

The purpose of this workshop is to suggest that lean/CI professionals are not helpless nor are they facing hopeless situations. There are skills and resources they can draw on and most importantly is their own ability to use themselves and their role to influence. This workshop is designed for lean leaders who wish to learn to better use their ability to personally influence and secure the approval, collaboration, and support to perform the work they are responsible for getting done.  These skills can be successfully adapted to use to influence superiors, peers and direct reports in ways that increase the likelihood of success.

In this workshop you will learn ways to increase your personal influence and effectiveness in making proposals and requesting suggestions as a lean/CI leader by:

  • Leveraging your responsibility as a change agent for the company/ operation as the basis for reaching out and seeking cooperation and support.
  • Recognizing your “natural” style for influencing and persuading and learn to recognize and adapt to the styles of others.
  • Explore what neuroscience research is suggesting as the reasons we respond to persuasion and change requests as we frequently do.
  • Using open inquiry and listening with awareness to demonstrate understanding and create a sense of shared responsibility and common concern for those you are trying to influence.
  • Practice establishing and maintaining person-to-person contact with those you are trying to influence.
  • Practice recognizing and following the other person’s energy as you try to influence or coach.
  • Using your personal influence skills effectively but fairly to be seen as collaborative rather than demanding or coercive.

The content of the program will be based on the latest research in social neuro science and influence techniques. Instructional methods will include introduction of the key principles of personal influence, discussion of examples of application of the principles, review of studies illustrating the principles, demonstration of skills and tactics based on the principles, exercises to practice use of the skills and tactics, and feedback and reflection on participants'’ performance and experience in the exercises.

Who Should Attend:

  • Lean/Continuous Improvement leaders, coordinators, coaches and consultants.
  • Change agents who want to increase use of personal influence to gain participation and cooperation in the projects they lead.
  • Managers and leaders who want to learn a new less directive approach to supporting and coaching their employees.


Locations and Dates for Influence Skills for Lean/CI Leaders and Coaches

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Price: $800.00 ($700.00 if the participant is taking 2 or more workshops at one location)
Price includes all participant materials, breakfast, lunch and snacks each day

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