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Supporting Healthcare Leader Standard Work with Visual Management Tools (1 Day Class)

This one-day version of our workshop ‘Supporting Leader Standard Work with Visual Management Tools’ focuses on the development of a visual management system in the healthcare environment.

While Lean is a rapidly growing phenomenon in healthcare, many are quickly finding that the issue of sustainable gains is problematic. Almost everyone has a story to tell about improvements that were made and over time fell into disuse. Sometimes quality, efficiency, and patient care are adversely affected in the long run by half-implemented or drifting processes.

This course provides you with the knowledge necessary to make sure that the improvements made through lean are not only sustained but continuously improved upon over time. 

Creating a visual management system in clinical settings is challenging as overworked staff struggle to keep up with basic demands, and patient confidentiality requirements make visual control of information more complex.  However the need to visually identify abnormalities in patient wait times, scheduling anomalies, supplies and equipment availability, or simply assuring that patients don’t get lost in the bureaucratic and physical maze that characterize many hospitals are absolutely vital.

Taking a systems thinking approach to visual management and integrating this with management standard work leads to improving patient care while also helping the providers maintain a good work/life balance. The continual elimination of waste in the system is key to reducing workload while improving care quality and service to the patient. Integrating visual process adherence with visual process performance and management standard work keeps the organization focused on finding better ways to provide care.

In this course you will learn how to create a cohesive visual management system for clinical settings that provides a complete picture of where abnormalities exist in your value stream. Instead of implementing individual tools, a simplified visual environment is developed and used as part of a lean management system.

Development of management standard work integrated with visual management systems creates more time to work on process improvements while making everyone less reactive. Dealing with process abnormalities in a way that maintains respect for people is central to the lean implementation and is covered extensively during this course.


Workshop benefits:

 Upon attending this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Effectively design a comprehensive visual management system for your clinical operation that has the proper level of detail to avoid “visual clutter”
  • Implement the visual management tools effectively throughout the entire organization
  • Develop the management model that supports lean concepts especially as it relates to developing everyone’s ability to eliminate waste on a continual basis

Who should attend:

To get the maximum benefit out of this workshop, we recommend that it is attended by teams of medical and administrative leaders.

This workshop has application in areas including:
• Primary care
• Pediatrics
• Family practice
• Optometry
• Chiropractics & Alternative healthcare
• Emergency departments
• Surgical ICU’s


Workshop Suggestion:
To maximize your learning experience we recommend that prior to attending this program you take following workshop or have a good understanding of the concepts presented within it.
This program is offered at customer facilities only, as an on-site workshop. If you have any questions or want to bring this workshop to your organization, please contact us at info@lean.org or 617.871.2900.