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What do you actually do on the gemba?

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Dear Gemba Coach,
What is it you actually do on the gemba?

Good question -- and hard to answer when not on the gemba. If I had to sumarize it in one point, I'd say that I try to see through the lens of the seven wastes at work level to the larger customer and capital wastes beyond. The following paper published in Industrial Engineer captures this quite well: 


(Copyright 2014 by the Institute of Industrial Engineers. All rights reserved.)

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Vitezslav Pilmaier November 5, 2014

A very good article - there is a lot to think about. But regarding the question on Gemba I must say, my own sensei in the past has been doing actually three things:

- observing (deeply often with passion)

- asked (a lot of) questions (80% started with "why")

- gave us hell (I was a supervisor then and I have been thinking I must deffend my processes, only much later I have learned the senseí´s intention was to make us think differently)

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