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We often mistake confident predictions and plans for accurate ones. But the more humility we have about our predictions, the more successfully we can iterate our way to the future.
By Mike Rother & Bill Costantino | February 2013
by Jeff Maling | October 2013

Why not just call it scientific thinking? 


We were all taught scientific thinking in school.  We all know and understand the language of scientific thinking...Observation, Hypothesis, Experiment, Analysis, Conclusion, Actions, etc...it comes free from our educational system, nearly universally in every part of our world.


Yet in lean, we go and call it something else.  We turn it into a bunch of achronyms and words nobody understands.  We say its like the scientific method, except it has these other letters and phases that you need to learn and use ior else.


How about we simply pick up where our school teachers left off, and call lean scientific thinking, scientific collaborating, scientific innovating. Simple.

Thanks,  Jeff

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