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ThedaCare and Lean Healthcare Featured on Fox News

Fox News

ThedaCare and CEO Emeritus John Toussaint, M.D. were featured on the "On The Record" show on Fox News Channel in a six-minute segment that aired August 21, 2009. FoxNews.com posted a series of five videos with a more in depth look.

In the first video, Toussaint talks about how their quality and cost improvement efforts are based on the Toyota Production System. He also mentions the Healthcare Value Leaders Network.

The second video shows more detail about the Collaborative Care model, including interviews with a physician, nurse, and pharmacist who work together.

The third video discusses measurement as a way of tracking performance and driving improvement, along with an interview with a patient.

The fourth video is an interview with an experienced physician who shares his satisfaction with the new primary care processes.

The fifth and final interview is with John Toussaint about the payer dynamics in healthcare and how quality does not get rewarded.

Here is a link to a more detailed summary of the videos, by Mark Graban, LEI Senior Fellow.


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