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How Lean Thinking Affects Information Needs: a Q & A with Jean Cunningham


Jean Cunningham pioneered the diffusion of lean principles from the manufacturing floor to finance, information systems, human resources, and telecommunications, starting at Lantech, whose lean transformation was described in Lean Thinking.  

LEI recently asked her, “What questions do you hear most often from Lean Thinkers struggling with the information needs of a lean organization?” She replied:

  • Will I need a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system when I adopt lean?
  • How will I know if lean is having a positive impact on my financial results?
  • If I am a division of a larger company that has not adopted lean thinking, how can I explain the impact of the investment I am making with lean?
  • Sometimes lean sounds like a religion and that you have to be a true believer. I am much more of a nuts-and-bolts person who wants to see tangible results. Is this part of lean, too?
  • What is the role of the IT function in the lean business strategy?

Read Jean's answers ...


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