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Seeing the Whole Value Stream (Foreword by John Shook)

Jones, Dan and Jim Womack

Foreword from the workbook Seeing the Whole Value Stream

"What a difference a decade makes. When Dan Jones and Jim Womack were preparing the
first edition of this workbook in 2002, the world was in a mad rush to de-integrate its
value streams by outsourcing and offshoring. Instead of analyzing and improving value
streams in order to reduce total costs and provide better value for customers, managers
were searching the globe for suppliers who would quote dramatically lower piece prices.

"As it turned out, few managers knew what was actually going on along the lengthy
multi-organization value streams they were creating. Indeed many probably did not care.
The objective, after all, was rapid and dramatic price reductions from new and existing
suppliers through a new negotiating tactic—using lowest global piece price as a hammer."

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