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Seeing the Whole Value Stream (Introduction)

Jones, Dan and Jim Womack

Introduction to the workbook Seeing the Whole Value Stream

"For years now we have loved to “take a walk” along the entire value stream for a given
product, looking for value and waste. We’ve done this for dozens of products in many
industries and followed streams across the world. We presented our first example in Lean
Thinking (1996) when we drew the path of a humble cola can. This simple product with
only three parts (barrel, top, and “pop-top”) traveled 319 days through nine facilities
owned by six companies in four countries to progress from ore in the ground into the
hands of the customer. Yet during this long march only three hours of value-creating
activities were performed and the great majority of the steps—storing, picking, packing,
shipping, unpacking, binning, checking, reworking, and endless movements of information
to manage the system’s complexity—created no value at all."

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