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Goal Development Template (from Perfecting Patient Journeys)

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When doing value-stream improvement, once there is a shared vision of a future state, you will still need to identify the specific changes that need to be made and turn proposed changes into formal improvement goals.

Keep in mind that goals are not actions. Goals are the outcomes or results you want when you complete your implementation of your future state. You need to remain focused on the outcomes you want to achieve, not just actions you plan to take. To stay focused on outcomes, link the change you plan to make with the specific purpose for making the change.

Improvement goals = change in value stream + purpose

Perfecting Patient JourneysPerfecting Patient Journeys, from which this template is taken, is a guide to value-stream improvement for leaders of healthcare organizations who want to implement lean thinking and engage employees in solving problems in order to deliver better and more efficient care. Readers will learn how to identify and select a problem in the performance of a value stream, define a project scope, and create a shared understanding of what's occurring in the value stream. Readers will also learn to develop a shared vision of an improved future, and hopefully work together to make that vision a reality.

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