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Accounting for the Lean Accounting Award


Since 2008, the Lean Enterprise Institute has sponsored the Excellence in Lean Accounting Award to fund scholarships helping pairs of students and professors attend the annual Lean Accounting Summit.

The award, created by summit organizer Lean Frontiers and administered by the nonprofit Lean Education Advancement Foundation (LEAF), recognizes teacher/student pairs who attended a previous summit then applied what they learned in the classroom. Winners are selected by a panel of lean accounting thought leaders.

Since the lean accounting movement seeks a shift from traditional cost accounting practices to ones that are more understandable, more accurate, and that correctly measure and motivate companies implementing lean management principles, we decided to check if any kind of shift was actually happening. So in this series, we’ll talk to past award winners to learn what impact the scholarship and award have had on the teaching and practice of accounting.

“The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had in an Accounting Class!” -- Student Reacts to Learning Lean Accounting

The first in this series of interviews was with Professor Amal Said, PhD, associate professor of accounting at the University of Toledo, and a 2014 winner.

Lean Accounting Summit Impacts Dissertation

Here is what we learned from Dan Harris, PhD, now assistant professor of accounting, Arthur J Bauernfeind College of Business, Murray State University, KY. He won the 2010 award.

Dear Professor, Am I Ever Glad You Covered Lean in Class!

Former students tell Laurie Burney, Ph.D., associate professor of accounting, Baylor University, that covering lean accounting helped them in business.

Students “Shocked” that Lean Accounting Isn’t More Widespread

Lean accounting “just seems so logical” to her accounting students that they ask, "why isn't everybody doing this?" according to Joanne Pencak, CPA, a lecturer in accounting at the University of Vermont.

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