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Go See, Ask Why, Show Respect at Herman Miller

Joshua Rapoza

Go See, Ask Why, Show Respect. These 6 words when practiced are incredibly powerful. They have the power to transform individuals, departments and entire organizations. This is why we have changed the way we view lean training.

Herman Miller and LEI have partnered to open this training to the lean community, on a very limited basis. LEI will exclusively offer three different learning experiences: A One Day Learning Tour, a 5-Day Bootcamp, and a 4-Day Management System Experience.

Each experience is unique, read more about them below.

One Day Factory Visit to Herman Miller (Go See)

Visitors will experience the story of Herman Miller’s Lean journey that eventually grew into the Herman Miller Performance System (HMPS) and see live applications in the workplace at all three Herman Miller’s plants in Spring Lake, Holland and Zeeland.

This is very much a Go and See. Learn more »

Bootcamp at Herman Miller (Ask Why)

This five-day course uses a combination of classroom learning and simulation to cover core concepts of the Herman Miller Performance System, including waste, time observations, problem solving, standardized work, Jidoka, cycle time/takt time/time observations, Hour x Hour, visual management and stability.

Here you will better understand the how and more importantly the Why. Learn more »

Management System Experience at Herman Miller (Show Respect)

This is a four day, hands on shop floor experience in which participants will experience a “day in the life” of each component of the HMPS management system:

  1. Operator
  2. Conveyance
  3. Facilitation
  4. work Team Leader
  5. Operations Manager

This is ideal for those who want to reach a deeper understanding of lean by doing the work and solving problems in different areas/levels to Show Respect. Learn more »

Due to the limited nature and exclusivity of these learning programs, potential attendees must be interviewed before being accepted to attend. If you would like to be considered to attend either individually or with a group please contact me at keddy@lean.org

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