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Kaizen Express Book Club Questions


What should you do first when starting to implement lean manufacturing? What comes next, then next? With the raft of information now available about lean principles, it’s easy to get confused.

Kaizen Express clarifies the process using a rapid, nonstop style to explain the essential elements of the Toyota Production System (TPS) in a logical implementation sequence.

This succinct but comprehensive back-to-basics book offers lean novices and veterans alike a comprehensive primer on lean principles and implementation that returns to fundamentals and stresses the importance of learning by doing at the individual and team levels.

LEI makes it easy to learn together, download our free book club questions below.


1. What is YOUR philosophy of efficiency and how does it contribute to making a profit?

2. Why is overproduction the worst form of waste?

3. Why analyze work with three categories rather than just two (value creating versus waste)?

4. Identify one example of each of the “levels of automation.”

5. Why is it important to identify (and fix) quality problems immediately at the source?

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