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Real Numbers Book Club Questions


Current management accounting practices produce financial statements that are unnecessarily complex and confusing. As a result, most companies are run by executives who do not fully understand their own financial information.

This explosive issue and its implications are fully explored in Real Numbers. The authors, each a chief financial executive, describe how management accounting evolved to this point and how simplicity and clarity can be restored – particularly in a lean organization.

Companies throughout the world are using lean principles to dramatically change the competitive landscape while generating new profitability and market share. As these companies transform, however, financial executives are usually not prepared for how lean principles affect finance and do not know how to streamline accounting. The management accounting model illustrated in Real Numbers points the way to unlocking the true profit potential of lean.

LEI makes it easy to learn together, download our free book club questions below.


1. How does improvements in accounting show respect for people?

2. Which areas of accounting and finance operations impact external customers? Internal customers?

3. If we could improve one process in internal to accounting, which would have immediate benefit of freeing up our capacity?

4. If we had more capacity in finance and accounting, what would we want to support differently?

5. How did reading this book change how you think about your role?

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