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Made-to-Order Lean Book Club Questions


Made-to-Order Lean focuses on operational process improvement, but also dedicates 3 chapters to improving indirect (transactional) processes, which are a more intricate portion in these organizations and account for significant cost & lead time in high mix environments.

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  • Improving Operations in High Mix/Low Volume Organizations
    An overall implementation method specific for low-volume and make-to-order businesses, along with specialized applications of lean tools. Not only will the focus be on the shop floor, but improvement methods for the office and administrative functions as well.
  • Managing High Mix/Low Volume Organizations
    Management approaches and techniques introduced in this workshop will help you reduce the time you currently spend fire-fighting and focus on indirect/administrative process improvements to achieve lead-time reductions, increase process capacities and enhance customer satisfaction. Upon completion you will be energized with ideas on how to apply lean management tools which have been modified for high mix environments