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Team Board Form (from Getting the Right Things Done)


A team board is a window on both routine and improvement work. The board on the following page addresses both daily production and strategic issues, and is organized according to SQDCM—safety, quality, delivery, cost, and morale.

Team objectives and action plans are developed at the beginning of each annual planning cycle. Abnormalities and countermeasures are recorded and tracked manually. Recurrent abnormalities should trigger problem-solving and/or kaizen activity, which should be recorded (e.g., a three-ring binder attached to the board). Teams should review production results daily and strategic results weekly. Corresponding "drills" need to be developed, piloted, and standardized. Please engage team leaders in their development.

Team board


GTRTDGetting the Right Things Done, from which this example is taken, Pascal Dennis outlines the nuts and bolts of strategy deployment, answering two tough questions that ultimately can make or break a company's lean transformation.


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