Value-Stream Improvement Webinar

Value-Stream Improvement for the Office and Services

Office and service work offer “target rich” environments for improvement. But they also present the huge challenge of applying lean principles and tools away from the traditional shop floor. Over the last four years some of the most seasoned lean veterans have responded to this challenge by adapting lean principles and Value-Stream Mapping (VSM) methods to these non-manufacturing environments.  On behalf of LEI, this development team from the Lean Transformation Group has experimented in literally hundreds of Value-Stream Improvement (VSI) Projects in virtually every industry.

This webinar will feature one of these developers, David Verble, a Toyota veteran and experienced lean advisor, along with an implementation team from Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital, located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  David taught and guided teams from the hospital through a variety of VSI Projects.  Sharing their strategic and tactical project learning from the hospital will be John Coughlin, Senior VP, Corporate Services, Nicki Schmidt RN, Lean Process Improvement Facilitator and Sarah Sasso, Coordinator of Organizational Development.

You'll learn about the keys to successful value-stream improvement in administrative/service environments:

Value-Stream Improvement
for the Office and Services
August 2, 2007
2:00 PM EDT Time Zone Conversion
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About the Presenters:

David Verble David Verble
Faculty member and author
Lean Enterprise Institute
Cambridge, MA

Nicki Schmidt Nicki Schmidt
Lea(r)n Process Improvement Facilitator
Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital
Windsor, ON, Canada

John Coughlin John Coughlin
Senior Vice President, Corporate Services
Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital
Windsor, ON, Canada

Sarah Sasso Sarah Sasso
Coordinator Organizational Development
Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital
Windsor, ON, Canada