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Did Red Sox Lean on Lean for World Series Victory?
For starters (and for that matter, for relievers), this World-Series-winning Red Sox team was simply an outstanding and absurdly talented team from top to bottom. And yet talent only gets you so far. Great teams make one another better, and I think this applied to this group of athletes whose success underscore a few simple Lean principles… More »
Catchball Helps Us Get Past We Versus They
When employees dread going to work every day, your company loses. Read what Tracey Richardson has to say about boosting workplace morale.… More »
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Strategy Deployment In Action: One Executive's Perspective - Follow up Q & A
Webinar presenters David Brule and Pascal Dennis answer questions from their webinar about strategy deployment on March 12, 2009.… More »
Getting the Right Things Done
A major problem in a lean transformation is taking on too many initiatives at once. Policy Deployment guides you in "de-selecting" initiatives down to the ones the organization can really achieve whil… More »
Strategy Deployment and Alignment through Hoshin
This workshop will help leaders understand Policy Deployment as a process for "de-selecting" initiatives down to the ones the organization can really achieve while aligning them with company strategic… More »
Getting the Right Things Done
For companies to be competitive, leaders must engage people at all levels in order to focus their energy and enable them to apply lean principles to everything they do. Strategy deployment, called hos… More »
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