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WLEI PodcastWLEI is the official podcast of the Lean Enterprise Institute.

WLEI will primarily focus on lean thinking and practice. You will hear from lean thought leaders and people practing lean in interesting ways and environments. Plus will also interview people from different communities of thought, whom we feel have an important and interesting message to share.

If you have a question you’d like answered on a future podcast, show feedback, or an idea you’d like to share, please send it to pod@lean.org!

Ep. 8 Mindfulness and Leading with Respect with Mike Orzen and John Shook (permalink)
Featuring: Mike Orzen and John Shook

Author and and LEI faculty member Mike Orzen discuss connecting with people through leading with respect with John Shook.

The conversation primarily focuses on what mindfulness is and how it fits in with lean thinking and practice. Mike also gives some great tips on staying focused when you catch yourself getting distracted.

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Ep. 7 Is Lean Thinking Japanese Culture? Jim Womack and Matt Savas Discuss What They Saw While Touring Toyota in Japan (permalink)
Featuring: Jim Womack and Matt Savas

Jim Womack interviews Matt Savas about a recent trip to Toyota Motor Kyushu, Japan.

Matt and Jim share their observations on how Toyota has countermeasured their aging workforce by being clever and not replacing resect with robots.

Interested in joining a tour? Contact us for more information on Japan and US tours at learningtours@lean.org.

EP. 6 Fighting Poverty with Lean Product/Process Development at MIT D-Lab (permalink)
Featuring: Kendra Leith

Lean in povertyD-Lab at MIT is using LPPD thinking to help solve problems in the developing world, and are truly making the world a better place for all those involved.

Today Kendra Leith, Associate Director for Research, at D-Lab joined LEI’s Communication’s director to share more about how D-Lab works and some of the great projects they are working on.

To learn more about D-Lab at MIT and the great projects they are working on visit d-lab.mit.edu.

To hear from Kendra Leith in person join us this June 19-20 at the Designing the Future Summit in Traverse City, Michigan. There you’ll not only hear Kendra but you’ll also hear from the chief engineers of the 2015 Ford Mustang, 2019 Toyota Avalon, as well as how lean product and process development applies Software development, energy creation, healthcare and more.

To learn more about this event go to lean.org/designfuture2018

Ep. 5: The Lean Farm and Sharing Your Gift Live from the 2018 Lean Transformation Summit (permalink)
Featuring: Ben Hartman, Joel Daly, Steve Brenneman, and Jim Womack

Lean FarmerLive from the 2018 Lean Transformation Summit in Nashville, Jim Womack interviews Ben Hartman, author of the Lean Farm, Joel Daly General Manager Veada Industries, and Aluminum Trailer CEO/Owner Steve Brenneman.

You’ll hear how lean thinking was shared from one person to another in very different industries, and the amazing changes that took place.

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Ep. 4: Tracey and Ernie Richardson with John Shook Live at the Lean Transformation Summit (permalink)

Tracey and Ernie Richardson, authors of the Toyota Engagement Equation join John Shook on the main stage at the Lean Transformation Summit in Nashville.

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The Toyota Engagement Equation: How to Understand and Implement Continuous Improvement Thinking in Any Organization


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