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WLEI will primarily focus on lean thinking and practice. You will hear from lean thought leaders and people practing lean in interesting ways and environments. Plus will also interview people from different communities of thought, whom we feel have an important and interesting message to share. 

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(permalink) 26. On the Job: A conversation with Dr. Lynn Kelley about sustaining change at Union Pacific December 9, 2019
Featuring: Josh Howell and Lynn Kelley

Dr. Lynn Kelley was hired by Union Pacific to lead the introduction of the “UP Way” company-wide. The UP Way at that time consisted of a select few lean practices that the company had decided were foundational for their operations. In this conversation, Dr. Kelley shares how her Ph.D in Research and Evaluations informed the unique approach taken for the implementation of the UP Way.

The "Playbook" of Sustaining Change on the Lean Post

CI Sustainment: A Hiding Place for Complexity on the Lean Post

(permalink) 25. What’s the Problem: A conversation with Matt Lovejoy on how LEI is trying to create more lean thinkers coming out of university December 2, 2019
Featuring: Matt Savas and Matt Lovejoy

How do we create more Lean Thinkers? That is the problem we address in today’s podcast with Matt Lovejoy, Chairman of Lovejoy Industries and LEI board member. Matt - along with former LEI executive, John O’Donnell – is spearheading a new initiative: the James P Womack Scholarship and Philanthropy Fund.

The fund provides scholarships to students to fund hands-on problem-solving experience at charity organizations under the guidance of an LEI coach. The fund’s first partnership is with Oakland University in Michigan. Two of its star students, Monisha Vasudeva and Sagar Bajaj,  are learning and doing kaizen at Humble Design, a charity that ‘furnishes homes for families transitioning from homelessness.’

The problem they’re helping Humble Design solve is capacity. Currently, Humble Design is able to furnish homes for 3 families every week, but there is demand for 30. That’s a gap of 27 families they can help transition from homelessness every week. There are few more important problems worth solving!

You can read about the progress the students have already made in a recently published article.

You can learn more about the James P Womack Scholarship and Philanthropy Fund at JPWFund.org, including how to donate and partner.

(permalink) 24. Coachable: Insights and approaches to situational leadership November 25, 2019
Featuring: Deb McGee and Art Smalley

Join my conversation with Art Smalley as he walks us through two models for situational leadership and coaching. Hersey, Blanchard & Johnson’s examination of leadership (and coaching) styles relative to learner (and performer’s) behavior, from the book Management of Organizational Behavior, and The Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition.

Art adds context and color by weaving in stories from parenthood, his years of experience at Toyota, and relates the content to his work with Four Types of Problems. Together, we explore the thresholds of performers at all levels as a way to help assess and engage the right coaching approach for the situation.

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(permalink) 23. Lean Accounting Panel Discussion with Art Byrne, Jean Cunningham, Jim Huntzinger, Nick Katko, and Mike DeLuca November 18, 2019
Featuring: Art Byrne, Jean Cunningham, Jim Huntzinger, Nick Katko, and Mike DeLuca

Many lean thinkers find the traditional accounting reporting completely out of alignment with the new lean management system. Part of PDCA is checking outcomes to help identify next steps, but if the financial language of business is not reliable to provide good information for evaluation and decision making, sustainment of good experiments is at risk. Is there a better way? Yes, according to the five panelists on this week’s podcast.

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(permalink) 22. What’s the Problem: An interview with medical oncologist and CEO of Instituto de Oncologia do Vale (IOV), Dr. Fred, on reducing the cancer burden November 11, 2019
Featuring: Matt Savas, Carlos

Dr. Carlos Frederico Pinto (aka ‘Dr. Fred’) is a medical oncologist and CEO of Instituto de Oncologia do Vale (IOV), one of Brazil’s top oncology clinics. There are few problems more important than the one Dr. Fred and IOV are trying to solve: reducing the cancer burden.

In the podcast, Dr. Fred explains how he’s led IOV through lean transformation in service to solving this problem. He details three distinct stages of transformation: 1) improving patient care flow and quality; 2) building a management system to enable growth; 3) developing leaders in preparation for succession.

Dr. Fred also shares how oncology built in him a resilience to failure, and in turn, how that resilience has served him in leading transformation.

Read more about Dr. Fred and IOV, head over to Planet Lean for case studies and interviews.

Dr. Fred will speak at the Lean Summit in Carlsbad, California next April 6-7. To learn more and register, click here.

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