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(permalink) Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn: A Conversation with Isao Yoshino and Katie Anderson on Experimentation and Learning October 26, 2020

“It’s only a failure if you don’t learn,” says Mr. Isao Yoshino, who shared many key lessons from his career at Toyota with Katie Anderson, who based her new book Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn on his experience and insights. Join us for a podcast with host Tom Ehrenfeld that explores the lessons gleaned from his career at Toyota. 

Download a complete transcript of the conversation here

(permalink) Becoming the Change with John Toussaint and Kim Barnas September 28, 2020

Lean has always promised great improvements for health care providers, but has there been a personal element that has been lacking to date? In this episode of WLEI, two healthcare giants, Kim Barnas and John Toussaint, will share a key insight from their new book Becoming the Change: they argue that personal transformation on the part of healthcare leaders plays a vital role in broader organizational change. Listen in for insights and advice on how to help your lean effort.

You can download a complete transcript of the conversation here: https://www.lean.org/Search/Documents/596.pdf


(permalink) Tapping Technology to Boost the Power of Lean: A Talk with Jeff Liker and Jim Morgan August 24, 2020
Featuring: Jeff Liker, Jim Morgan, Tom Ehrenfeld

Industry 4.0 is not a disruptive force that makes TPS irrelevant, but rather can be an enabler that builds on lean culture and thinking. What principles should lean companies prioritize as they introduce digital tools into their work? Lean thinkers Jeff Liker and Jim Morgan start with the basics of people, processes, and purpose. Listen in to their thoughts as they discuss the TPS-Industry 4.0 mashup with Host Tom Ehrenfeld in this latest episode of WLEI. 


You can read and download a complete transcript of the conversation here.  


(permalink) 5 Guiding Principles for Tailoring a Path to Lean Transformation July 27, 2020
Featuring: Alice Lee and Tom Ehrenfeld

Over the past five years, the Lean Global Network’s Lean Healthcare Initiative has carried out extensive research in eight hospitals across five countries, and recently published the white paper, "5 Guiding Principles to Transform Healthcare." In this podcast, LEI Senior Coach and white paper co-author Alice Lee shares insights into the research conducted by this group of “tailors” (individuals who saw patterns and helped identify how to apply them). She expands on the five guiding principles they developed and explains how these insights were gleaned from healthcare organizations. The principles provide guidance for any chief architect in any organization looking for traction with their lean work.  

You can download a free copy of the paper here 

Download a transcript of the conversation here. 

Lean Summit SpeakersLearn from top healthcare leaders who are transforming their organizations through lean thinking and practice, including,

    • Lisa Yerian, MD, Chief Improvement Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, and John Shook, senior advisor to the Lean Enterprise Institute 
    • Kimberly Eng, Chief Operating Officer, Lynn Community Health Center, and Kiame Mahaniah, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Lynn Community Health Center 
    • Jack Billi, MD, Medical Director, Collaborative Quality Initiatives, and Professor of Medicine, Public Health, and Engineering, University of Michigan
    • Carlos Frederico Pinto, M.D. (aka Dr. Fred); CEO; Instituto de Oncologia do Vale (IOV)

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(permalink) How to Develop Emotional Agility At Work: A Conversation with Susan David June 22, 2020
Featuring: Susan David and Tom Ehrenfeld

Regardless of how well you track tangible metrics in your workplace, neglecting underlying emotions has enduring costs, says Susan David, author of the best-selling book Emotional Agility. Many performance gaps are partly caused by human factors—underlying conditions that don’t necessarily show up on Pareto charts, yet have as much relevance and bearing on business outcomes as other common gaps that are identified as problems to address. Join this WLEI podcast for a wide-ranging conversation about the need to acknowledge and “manage” emotions as a means of developing broader agility for your work team.  

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