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The Lean Bakery: A Q&A with 365's Staff
By: Agus Tena and Leo Tena | November 16, 2017
In their first interview with The Lean Post, Leo and Agus Tena, children of the authors of the new LEI book "The Lean Bakery," describe some of the finer point of the transformation of their family's company Cafe365. More »
The Lean Bakery (Chapter 1)
By: Juan Antonio Tena, Emi Castro | November 14, 2017
Forms and Templates
Chapter 1 from The Lean Bakery book. More »
What Too Many Leaders Get Wrong with Coaching Kata
By: Elizabeth Carrington | November 14, 2017
Think you can dive headfirst into Coaching Kata with your reports? Think again. More »
When should we do an A3 or use a different problem-solving tool?
By: Michael Ballè | November 12, 2017
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach,I would really appreciate your perspective on the following: (1) When should we do an A3 for something vs. when would it be appropriate to just use an idea board? (2) What is the difference between a problem and an idea? More »
The Future of Lean Healthcare: A Faster Type of Transformation?
By: Lean Leaper | November 9, 2017
We all know that lean transformations take a long time to occur, and in some senses, they never end. But what if we could change that? What if there was a way to expedite lean transformations for those industries with an urgent need, like healthcare? Here's what the Lean Global Network is doing to explore that. More »
The (Real) Lean Firefighter: Bringing Lean to the Grand Rapids Fire Department
By: Brad Brown | November 7, 2017
Brad Brown had no lean experience when he joined the Grand Rapids Fire Department (GRFD) in 2003. But as the Great Recession went into full swing and budgets were slashed, he discovered lean – and realized it was just what the GRFD needed to weather the recession. This is his story. More »
Why don't people learn from experience?
By: Michael Ballè | November 5, 2017
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach, On the gemba, we have many problems to manage every day. People don’t seem to learn from their experience. Is there any way to teach the people when they don’t learn from their own experience? More »
Advice from the Gemba: Getting More Suggestions without Incentivizing Employees
By: Gavin Martin and Kelly Moore | November 2, 2017
Improving the work is difficult, if not impossible, without suggestions from those who actually do the work. But in many companies, getting the workers to submit suggestions is a constant struggle. What could be the root cause(s) of this problem? Two lean practitioners weigh in with their thoughts. More »
Ask Art: Can Lean and “Make-the-Month” Co-exist?
By: Art Byrne | October 31, 2017
"Make-the-month" programs are not unusual in manufacturing organizations. But, many people have asked Art Byrne, are such programs compatible with lean? Isn't the intense focus on results counterproductive when matched with the process focus of lean thinking? Art explores. More »
Don't Start with Tools!
By: Mark Rosenthal and Craig Stritar | October 26, 2017
Starting off your lean transformation with one of the various tools at your disposal is certainly tempting. But according to Craig Stritar and Mark Rosenthal, that's a temptation you need to resist. Drawing on examples from Toyota and their own experiences, Stritar and Rosenthal explain their preferred gateway to lean transformation. More »
How do we ensure sustainability of a successful lean effort?
By: Michael Ballè | October 25, 2017
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach,We used training and workshops to roll out a lean program with good early results – what do we need to do to ensure sustainability? More »
The "Playbook" of Sustaining Change
By: Lynn Kelley | October 24, 2017
In a world where most lean transformations fail, what can we do to learn from others' mistakes and help our own transformations succeed? After 30 years of firsthand experience in change implementations, Lynn Kelley has a few tips to share. Read more. More »
It Starts Within: The Lean Journey of CI&T
By: Cesar Gon and Bruno Guicardi | October 19, 2017
The lean transformation of Brazilian tech company CI&T was unique in that it began with an implementation of hoshin kanri. In this interview from the 2017 Lean Transformation Summit, CI&T founders Bruno Guicardi and Cesar Gon explain why this was the best approach for them. More »
It's Not All About the Cash: How to Help Leadership Understand Lean's Financial Benefits
By: Jean Cunningham | October 18, 2017
Lean's cost savings might not show up immediately on the income statement -- but that doesn't mean there were no cost savings! Oftentimes the financial benefits of lean are other benefits in disguise, and it's important that we teach our leaders how to recognize them. Jean Cunningham explains. More »
Advice from the Gemba: The Most Frustrating Types of Waste (and How to Eliminate Them!) II
By: Rick Guba and Peg Pennington | October 17, 2017
If you've ever lost sleep over a particularly frustrating source of waste in your organization, you're not alone. Today we feature two experienced lean educators with the most frustrating types of waste they've encountered, plus their favorite tips for eliminating them. More »
What do you recommend -- clarify roles and responsibilities first or reengineer the process first and then define R&R?
By: Ballé, Michael | October 16, 2017
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach,What do you recommend -- clarify roles and responsibilities first or reengineer the process first and then define R&R? More »
Lessons Learned from the Cleveland Indians’ Historic 22-Game Winning Streak
By: George Taninecz | October 12, 2017
In the wake of the Cleveland Indians' record-shattering 22-game winning streak, George Taninecz reflects on some important business lessons that we can learn from this event. More »
Can a Lean Mentality Help You in a Crisis?
By: Andrew Quibell | October 11, 2017
We all know lean's power when problem solving. But what power does it have in resolving crises, which are more urgent and serious than what you might encounter in daily problem solving? A lot, says Andrew Quibell. Read more. More »
Is There a Tradeoff Between Employee Morale and Productivity?
By: Ken Eakin | October 10, 2017
"Is there a tradeoff between employee morale and productivity?" is a question oft-discussed in lean circles. Ken Eakin has his own take on this ages-old question -- read more to see his answer. More »
How big should my lean promotion office be?
By: Ballé, Michael | October 9, 2017
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach, How large should my lean promotion office be if I want to achieve quickly a lean culture change? More »
How Do You Know What Your Product or Service Needs to Be?
By: Katrina Appell | October 4, 2017
What does it take to know what your product or service needs to be? The obvious answer, it would seem, is whatever the customer wants. Katrina Appell explains why there's more to it than that. More »
Why Bother Making It Visual?
By: Leslie Barker | October 3, 2017
What to do when you need to make the work visible, but your people aren't behind it? Leslie Barker has some suggestions based on this story of overcoming resistance to visual management. More »
As a facilitator, how much do I have to know about an area targeted for improvement?
By: Ballé, Michael | October 2, 2017
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach,As a lean "facilitator" in my organization, how important is it to gain a deep understanding of the "area" that is being analyzed. Do you spend a lot of time just becoming familiar with the area so that you can do experiments, etc.  ..  .? More »
How Are We Doing? And Other Questions for the Lean Community from LEI’s New CEO, Eric Buehrens
By: Eric Buehrens | October 2, 2017
Lean Enterprise Institute's new CEO, Eric Buehrens, talks about his new role as not just a leader, but a learner, and poses some questions to the lean community at large. More »
Lean Was a Lot Simpler Back in the Day...
By: Brent Wahba | September 28, 2017
Lean transformations aren't easy. But, according to Brent Wahba, they weren't always that way. In his newest Post, Brent discusses his thoughts on what has made transformation efforts so complicated since lean's early years. More »
Advice from the Gemba: Top Mistakes Lean Leaders Make III
By: Lean Leaper | September 27, 2017
Mistakes are just a part of lean, even for leaders. Luckily they're also a great opportunity for improvement. Today three lean practitioners share mistakes they often see lean leaders make, plus the countermeasures to correct them. More »
Lean Coffee-Inspired Coaching
By: Josh Howell | September 26, 2017
Lean Coffee has been praised for making meetings more productive by giving all participants a say in creating an agenda that works for everyone. LEI Senior Coach Josh Howell recently chose to incorporate Lean Coffee principles into the 2017 Lean Coaching Summit, which he organized and hosted back in July. Here's how he did it and what we as coaches can learn from it. More »
Is the digital revolution a more important business development than lean?
By: Ballé, Michael | September 25, 2017
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach,Isn’t the digital revolution, especially in services, a more important business development than lean? More »
Follow-up Q&A for Jim Lancaster's Work of Management Webinar
By: Jim Lancaster | September 21, 2017
“The Real Work of Management” webinar drew very engaged attendees who submitted hundreds of questions. We now present some of the most-frequently asked questions (plus Jim Lancaster's answers) today on the Lean Post. More »
When A3s Get Personal
By: Chet Marchwinski | September 20, 2017
Think A3s are just for organizational problems? Think again. Katie Anderson discusses how to adapt A3 thinking to guide our personal development. More »
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