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Webinar: How to Lead With Respect
September 9, 2014
How to Lead With Respect webinar featuring Michael Ballé More »
Webinar: The Two Basic Forms of Coaching for Lean
May 22, 2014
The Two Basic Forms of Coaching for Lean with David Verble More »
Webinar: How ThedaCare Created Its Own Management System
May 6, 2014
How ThedaCare Created Its Own Management System More »
The Lean Transformation Model
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | January 21, 2014
John Shook, CEO of the Lean Enterprise Institutes explains the Lean Transformation Model and how it can transform your organization. More »
Lean Enterprise Institute Lean Coaching Skills: Tips for "Humble Inquiry"
By: Verble, David | April 24, 2013
Lean Enterprise Institute faculty member David Verble compares and contrasts different managerial styles of coaching in this video. More »
The Value-Adding CEO
December 11, 2012
The value adding CEO More »
Kaizen vs. the Suggestion Box
October 25, 2012
Mark Graban’s new book, Healthcare Kaizen (Productivity Press), co-authored with Joe Swartz, has lots of examples and practical advice for involving front-line staff with installing and sustaining a continuous improvement system. More »
Lean Accounting Award Winner
By: Chet Marchwinski | October 25, 2012
Clay Moerland, a graduate assistant at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, who won the 2012 Excellence in Lean Accounting Student Award, describes his winning project, a lean accounting simulation that he worked on with professors. The award is sponsored annually by Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI). Lean Accounting Training Learn more about how to make the necessary changes in finance needed to support a lean transformation at LEI’s Lean Accounting Workshop.    More »
What’s Your Favorite LEI Book?
October 11, 2012
    Mark Graban's Favorite LEI Published Book from Lean Enterprise Institute on Vimeo.   The personal lean journey told by Dr. Sami Bahri, DDS, makes his book, Follow the Learner, a favorite of Mark Graban, author, blogger, and LEI faculty member. Graban notes that Bahri didn’t have an exemplar dentist to copy but had to figure out experiment by experiment how to apply lean concepts to dentistry. “There are so many great lessons there that apply to other settings where people need to develop their own paths to lean,” said Graban. Watch the video.   Learn more about the More »
The Business Case for Lean
October 10, 2012
The business case for lean More »
Asking Effective Questions: The Foundation of Coaching with Margie Hagene
September 24, 2012
Lean Enterprise Institute faculty member Margie Hagene offers tips for using the four types of questions -- humble, diagnostic, prompting, and process inquiries -- in order to be a more effective coach. She also offers advice based on her own experience on how to do develop a personal plan-do-check-act plan for using the questions on the job.     More »
Using Lean Thinking to Transform a Large Academic Medical Center
By: Billi, Jack | December 12, 2011
John E. Billi, M.  D. , professor of internal medicine and medical education and associate dean for clinical affairs, University of Michigan Medical School, discusses the lean transformation at the University of Michigan Health System, including its initial approach, results of early experiments, what leaders learned, and how they adjusted. More »
Toast Value-Stream Mapping (DVD)
June 13, 2011
Books; Videos and Webinars
Toast Value-Stream Mapping (DVD) More »
Thinking Lean at Thedacare: Strategy Deployment (DVD)
May 2, 2011
Books; Videos and Webinars
This DVD illustrates ThedaCare’s strategy deployment method: how the true north metrics were developed and translated to different departments, and how leaders at all levels of the organization use visual boards to track metrics related to the true north objectives. Any organization that wants to understand how to align their strategic goals can find important lessons in this DVD. More »
Dr. Michel Tétreault - On Transparency, 2010 Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit
By: Healthcare Value Leaders Network | April 20, 2011
From the 2010 Summit, the CEO of St. Boniface Hospital on transparency and healthcare. > More »
The Gemba Walk, from the 2011 Lean Transformation Summit
By: Womack, Jim | April 11, 2011
Jim Womack, LEI founder and author, talks about his experience with Gemba Walks and his book Gemba Walks. More »
Dr. Michel Tétreault - CEO Panel Opening Statement, 2010 Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit
By: Healthcare Value Leaders Network | March 5, 2011
From the 2010 Summit in Orlando. Click here for more info on the 2011 Summit, June 8-9 in Seattle. More »
Single Patient Flow: Applying Lean Principles in Healthcare (DVD)
By: Sami Bahri, DDS | January 1, 2011
Books; Videos and Webinars
Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award recipient Introducing the first in GBMP's new virtual tours for healthcare video series. On overview of the "Single Patient Flow" DVD. (Note: To view the above clip, your company must allow streaming video.  ) Meet Dr. Sami Bahri, the “World’s First Lean Dentist.  ” Over the past thirty years, through personal study of The Deming Management System and subsequently many texts describing the Toyota Production System, Dr. Bahri and his staff have continuously pursued a singular mission: “to provide patients with the correct treatment they need, when they need it, in the right quantity More »
Follow-up Q&A to the Webinar: On the Mend - Changing a healthcare organizational culture to continuous improvement
By: Toussaint, John; Gerard, Roger | November 3, 2010
The lean healthcare webinar “On the Mend: Changing a healthcare organizational culture to continuous improvement” drew an engaged audience that submitted hundreds of questions, many more than we could address during the hour-long session. We selected questions that represented the major topics you wanted to know more about for a follow-up Q &A with our presenters. Here are your questions and their replies. John Toussaint, CEO of the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value, former president and chief executive officer of ThedaCare: Q. How did senior leaders come to the conclusion that adopting lean was the most effective strategy for operations More »
Jim Womack Speaks at ThedaCare Report Out Meeting Oct 8 2010
By: Womack, Jim | October 8, 2010
The weekly ThedaCare Improvement System report with comments by Jim Womack, founder of the Lean Enterprise Institute. Video shot by Dr. John Toussaint, CEO of the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value. Visit the Healthcare Value Leaders Network YouTube Channel More »
An Open and Honest Culture at Thedacare, a Lean Story
By: Toussaint, John | July 15, 2010
In this video, John Toussaint, a co-author of the LEI publication On the Mend: Revolutionizing Healthcare to Save Lives and Transform the Industry, talks about a story from his tenure as CEO. It's a story about lean leadership and establishing a culture that focuses on process improvement instead of blaming individuals. More »
Carolyn Clancy, AHRQ Director does Gemba at ThedaCare
By: Toussaint, John | May 13, 2010
Carolyn Clancy, the director of AHRQ, visited ThedaCare recently. John Toussaint blogged about her visit and took these videos:   More »
Womack on Lean Management (DVD)
By: James P. Womack | January 11, 2010
Books; Videos and Webinars
In this two-hour seminar recorded live, lean management thought leader James Womack explains how to manage and lead in a lean management system, the successor to obsolete “modern management” methods. More »
Webinar: Mistake-Proofing to Reduce Medical Errors
By: Grout, John | November 19, 2009
View an LEI webinar presented by John Grout, PhD, a noted expert on the application of mistake-proofing methods to healthcare. Even though the content was built around healthcare examples, we hope people from all industries will view this to learn the general mistake-proofing principles. Direct links: To view the main webinar page for this, and other archives, click the link below: More »
ThedaCare and Lean Healthcare Featured on Fox News
By: Fox News | August 22, 2009
ThedaCare and CEO Emeritus John Toussaint, M.  D. were featured on the "On The Record" show on Fox News Channel in a six-minute segment that aired August 21, 2009. FoxNews.  com posted a series of five videos with a more in depth look. In the first video, Toussaint talks about how their quality and cost improvement efforts are based on the Toyota Production System. He also mentions the Healthcare Value Leaders Network. The second video shows more detail about the Collaborative Care model, including interviews with a physician, nurse, and pharmacist who work together. The third video discusses measurement as a way of tracking performance and driving improvement, along with More »
The Virginia Mason Production System: So Much Waste, So Little Time
By: Iseman, Marnee | August 16, 2009
In this 53-minute video, Marnee Iseman from Virginia Mason talks about the Virginia Mason Production System to a group at the University of Wisconsin. More »
Webinar: Making Hospitals Work
By: Baker, Marc and Ian Taylor | July 30, 2009
  View the WebinarDownload the Slides Purchase the related book:Making Hospitals Work Making Hospitals Work:How to improve patient care while saving everyone's time and hospitals' resources Featuring Ian Taylor and Marc Baker, Senior Faculty Members of the UK's Lean Enterprise Academy and authors of Making Hospitals Work Originally presented July 30, 2009  More than ever, in today's demanding economic climate, nothing is more important than Healthcare. All of us will need a good hospital some day and countries can easily go broke supporting traditional hospital management practices as the baby boomers begin to check in. Healthcare contains the most important More »
Video Podcast with Dr. Sami Bahri, D.D.S., "The World's First Lean Dentist"
By: Graban, Mark | June 30, 2009
Mark Graban interviews Dr. Bahri about his work in lean dentistry and his book "Follow the Learner.  " Dr. Bahri talks about his role as chief learner in the dental office and how he got started with lean. As an alternative to the YouTube link below, you may also be able to watch the podcast as Episode #5 on the web at www.  leanvideopodcast.  org or use this embedded player:        More »
2009 IW Best Plants Conference Keynote
By: Shook, John | June 3, 2009
John Shook, LEI author and senior advisor, delivers the keynote at the 2009 IndustryWeek Best Plants conference in Nashville, TN. In the video, Shook explains the play on words of his presentation's title "Managing to Learn," which also is the name of his book about a management style based on the scientific method behind the A3 report. The key point is to build business systems so that managing is a learning process for everyone in the organization. More »
Robert Chapman on Guiding Principles of Leadership (from Lean Transformation Summit 2008)
By: Chapman, Robert | March 5, 2008
The lean transformation should be “all about creating an environment for people that allows them to use their gifts, and to grow, and feel a sense of fulfillment,” says Robert Chapman, chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller. In this video clip from his presentation and Q & A session at LEI’s 2008 Lean Transformation Summit, he describes how the company's Guiding Principles of Leadership merges with lean thinking at this $1.  1 billion manufacturer and engineering services provider. More »
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