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WLEI: S2. Ep. 3 What Cannot Be Grown Must be Mined - What is Lean in Mining with Laura Mottola and Mark Reich
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | February 8, 2019
"If it cannot be grown, then it must be mined.  " Practically everything around you exists because of mining. From phones, to computers, to cars, to glasses, to your belt buckle, they all are made from mined resources.   Laura Mottola has taken lean thinking underground, literally. Learn what lean in mining looks like, what it takes to engage those doing the work, and what is next for this ever evolving industry. More »
WLEI: Alan Mulally, former Ford and Boeing CEO sits down with Jim Morgan to discuss Leadership, Designing the Future Special Ep. 2
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | January 21, 2019
“It seemed nothing short of a miracle could save Ford Motor Company in the mid 2000s.    Ford didn’t receive a miracle, but it did get something just as valuable:  Alan Mulally.  ”  (Daniel Miller, The Motley Fool, May 2015)In this podcast, Alan shares:His view on the CEO’s role in a successful transformation.  What “people first” leadership means to him and how his basic values and love for people guide his decision making.  What he learned about innovation and customer focus from his lawn mowing business.  How his early experiences with lean and Toyota shaped his views on leadership and the More »
WLEI: Four Types of Problems, author Art Smalley digs in on problem solving
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | December 21, 2018
Author Art Smalley joins Chet Marchwinski to discuss problem solving and his new book Four Types of Problems from reactive trouble shooting to creative innovation.  Additional Articles and Books:Four Types of ProblemsBook Review: Four Types of ProblemsNot Every Problem Is a “Nail” But Companies Typically Reach for the Same Old “Hammer” More »
WLEI: Designing the Future Jim Morgan Talks Passion with Dave Pericak - A WLEI Special
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | November 26, 2018
In this special edition series, Designing the Future. Jim Morgan talks with Dave Pericak, the Chief Engineer of the 2015 Ford Mustang.   Pericak was featured in A Faster Horse, a documentary exploring the ins and outs of designing world's most popular sports car.   Morgan is the author of the new book, Designing the Future and has spent over 30 years in industry as a product development leader including serving as a global engineering director at Ford Motor Company during the product-led revitalization under CEO Alan Mulally.  Learn more about Lean product and process development at leanpd.  org. More »
WLEI: Season 2 Ep. 1 Leadership at the Gemba with Scott Heydon and John Shook
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | November 5, 2018
Former Starbucks Executive and Senior Coach at LEI Scott Heydon, joined author and LEI Chairman John Shook for a last minute learning session at the Lean Coaching Summit. The response was so positive we've adapted it to be a podcast. More »
WLEI: Ep. 11 Closing the Learning Gap with Steven Spear
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | August 14, 2018
Today's podcast features a conversation about closing learning gaps between LEI's CEO Eric Beuhrens and Steve Spear. Steve is author of a few works key to understanding lean.  There’s “Decoding the DNA of the Toyota Producing System” and “Learning to Lead at Toyota,” both in Harvard Business Review and his book The High Velocity Edge.   As you’ll hear, Steve’s work really focuses on how Toyota as one of a few real exceptional organizations competes on the basis of a management system that optimizes on the speed, quality, and breadth of problem solving talent.  He coaches these capabilities into organizations ranging from More »
WLEI: Ep. 10 Port to Plate, Lean Changes the Restaurant Industry with Legal Sea Foods’ Executive Chef Rich Vellante
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | July 18, 2018
Can the restaurant industry change they way they've worked for decades? Legal Sea Foods has been on their lean journey for a few years and lean has influenced everything from the second that fish is caught right up until their guest has left the restaurant.   Legal Sea Foods' Executive Chef, Richard Vellante sat down with LEI's Senior Coach, Josh Howell to talk about some of the changes and experiments that have taken place at several of Legal Sea Food's locations.  Additional Articles:Why 'Yes Chef!' Is No Longer the AnswerLean Leadership at Legal Sea Foods: An Interview with Roger Berkowitz  More »
WLEI: Ep. 9 Leadership, Building Consensus, and Embracing Culture with Dr. Kiame Mahaniah and John Shook
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | June 12, 2018
Two things to think about. Challenges and Culture.  Challenges shape who we are. I think we can all look at who we are and remember a few key challenges we’ve faced and how they have changed us and the way we view things. It certainly helps shape us as leaders.  Dr. Kiame Mahaniah, CEO of the Lynn Community Health Clinic.  Born in the Congo, raised in Switzerland, educated in the US, Kiame faced remarkable challenges, was immersed in multiple cultures, and has come out of all as a remarkable, yet humble leader that is focused on building consensus instead of More »
WLEI: Ep. 8 Mindfulness and Leading with Respect with Mike Orzen and John Shook
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | May 22, 2018
Author and and LEI faculty member Mike Orzen discuss connecting with people through leading with respect with John Shook.  The conversation primarily focuses on what mindfulness is and how it fits in with lean thinking and practice. Mike also gives some great tips on staying focused when you catch yourself getting distracted.  Additional Articles:Mindfulness and Leading with RespectDoing Versus Being – How Mindfulness Supports Better Lean ThinkingDoing Versus Being – How Mindfulness Supports Better Lean Thinking, Part 2 More »
WLEI: Ep. 7 Is Lean Thinking Japanese Culture? Jim Womack and Matt Savas Discuss What They Saw While Touring Toyota in Japan
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | May 8, 2018
Jim Womack interviews Matt Savas about a recent trip to Toyota Motor Kyushu, Japan.  Matt and Jim share their observations on how Toyota has countermeasured their aging workforce by being clever and not replacing resect with robots.  Interested in joining a tour? Contact us for more information on Japan and US tours at learningtours@lean.  org. More »
WLEI: EP. 6 Fighting Poverty with Lean Product/Process Development at MIT D-Lab
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | April 23, 2018
D-Lab at MIT is using LPPD thinking to help solve problems in the developing world, and are truly making the world a better place for all those involved.  Today Kendra Leith, Associate Director for Research, at D-Lab joined LEI’s Communication’s director to share more about how D-Lab works and some of the great projects they are working on.  To learn more about D-Lab at MIT and the great projects they are working on visit d-lab.  mit.  edu.  To hear from Kendra Leith in person join us this June 19-20 at the Designing the Future Summit in Traverse City, Michigan. There More »
WLEI: Ep. 5: The Lean Farm and Sharing Your Gift Live from the 2018 Lean Transformation Summit
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | April 10, 2018
Live from the 2018 Lean Transformation Summit in Nashville, Jim Womack interviews Ben Hartman, author of the Lean Farm, Joel Daly General Manager Veada Industries, and Aluminum Trailer CEO/Owner Steve Brenneman.  You’ll hear how lean thinking was shared from one person to another in very different industries, and the amazing changes that took place.  Related Books: The Lean Farm: How to Minimize Waste, Increase Efficiency, and Maximize Value and Profits with Less Work More »
WLEI: Ep. 4: Tracey and Ernie Richardson with John Shook Live at the Lean Transformation Summit
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | March 28, 2018
Tracey and Ernie Richardson, authors of the Toyota Engagement Equation join John Shook on the main stage at the Lean Transformation Summit in Nashville.  Related Books: The Toyota Engagement Equation: How to Understand and Implement Continuous Improvement Thinking in Any Organization  More »
WLEI: Ep. 3: Amazon and Buffet Tackle the Healthcare Tapeworm with Eric Buehrens and Chet Marchwinski
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | March 22, 2018
A few weeks ago Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffet, and JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon announced that they are forming their own company to combat the costs and issues with healthcare in the US.   LEI's CEO Eric Buehrens sat down with LEI's Communications Director, Chet Marchwinski to discuss this new organization, and talk about some of the challenges they may face and offering some advice.  Eric Buehrens is the former deputy provost for administration at Harvard University, executive vice president, COO, and interim CEO of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and as EVP and COO of More »
WLEI: Ep. 1: Lean and Tesla with John Shook and Jim Womack
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | March 14, 2018
Lean thought leaders Jim Womack and John Shook discuss Tesla.  Related Articles:Tesla vs. TPS: Seeking the Soul in the New Machine While Tesla has excited customers and drawn praise for innovative design and bold thinking, author Jeff Liker believes that it faces tough challenges in its approach to ramping up production that challenge its mechanistic vision of manufacturing.  The Road to Production Hell is Paved with Lack of LPPD The real work of companies like Tesla who face stupendous challenges in launching a product should have happened long before production commenced, says Jim Morgan, noting that the time for urgency, the time More »
WLEI: Ep. 2: Shook & Womack discuss the creation of the books Learning to See and Managing to Learn
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | March 14, 2018
20 years ago the book Learning to See was published, bringing with it the concept of Value Stream Mapping. Now 20 years later the book is still a best seller and Value Stream Mapping is the cornerstone of lean thinking. Jim Womack, the publisher of the book sits down with John Shook one of the book's authors to talk about what it took to make such a pioneering publication.  John and Jim also discuss the book Managing to Learn which explored A3 creation and coaching. More »
Gold Mine, The (audiobook)
By: Freddy Ballé and Michael Ballé | November 9, 2010
Audio; Books
An unabridged audio version of The Gold Mine: A Novel of Lean Turnaround, a Shingo Research Prize recipient in 2006.    More »
By: Langfitt, Frank | March 28, 2010
LEI Founder and Chairman Jim Womack and Senior Advisor John Shook are among the key experts interviewed for this look at the success of the Toyota-GM joint venture and what prevented GM from quickly deploying lessons that may have prevented bankruptcy.    ("All Things Considered," March 26, 2010.  ) More »
Podcast Interview with Joan Wellman on Early Days of Lean Healthcare
By: Graban, Mark | December 3, 2009
Joan Wellman is interviewed by Mark Graban, Senior Fellow at the Lean Enterprise Institute, about her initial Lean Healthcare work that dates back to 1995 at a Seattle-area hospital. Use the streaming player below or click on "read more" for more listening options.    More »
Dr. John Toussaint on Lean and Healthcare Reform
By: Graban, Mark | August 19, 2009
In this podcast, LEI Senior Fellow Mark Graban welcomes John Toussaint, MD, CEO emeritus of ThedaCare, and CEO of the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value, to his Lean Blog podcast. In this discussion, Dr. Toussaint discusses "what's missing" in the Washington healthcare reform debate and shares how lean and other quality improvement efforts are the key to sustainable reform.   Listen via this player or click on the link below: More »
Forward to Fundamentals Webinar with Jim Womack and John Shook
By: Shook, John; Jim Womack | April 23, 2009
Audio; Videos and Webinars
In recent years, most discussions around lean transformation have understandably evolved toward more managerial and strategic matters. Yet there remains an alarming lack of solid implementation of the fundamentals! In this current economic crisis we can actually move our lean journeys forward faster by looking back to the lessons that led to the creation of TPS in the weakened Japanese economy following World War II. This webinar is designed to uncover the deep roots of the original lean thinking and tools and how you can better focus your own lean implementation plans and execution. More »
Podcast with John S. Toussaint, MD, about Lean at ThedaCare
By: Graban, Mark | January 12, 2009
Mark Graban welcomes John Toussaint, MD, CEO emeritus of ThedaCare, and CEO of the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value, to his Lean Blog podcast. Dr. Toussaint, known for his leadership of the lean efforts at ThedaCare, done under the heading of the ThedaCare Improvement System, talks about ThedaCare's lean journey and how lean concepts can help what ails U.  S. healthcare.   Listen via this player or click the link below:   More »
Gemba Walks, 2nd Edition (audiobook)
By: Jim Womack
Audio; Books
A collection of essays read aloud by author Jim Womack, based on the many gemba walks he has taken around the world. The 2nd edition contains 12 new essays, including thoughts on lean in healthcare and government. More »
Lean Solutions (audiobook)
By: James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones
Audio; Books
An abridged version on CD of Lean Solutions, read by author James P. Womack.  A massive disconnect exists between consumers and providers today. Consumers have a greater selection of higher quality goods to choose from and can obtain these items from a growing number of sources. Computers, cars, and even big-box retail sites promise to solve our every need. So why aren’t consumers any happier? Because everything surrounding the process of obtaining and using all these products causes us frustration and disappointment. Why is it that, when our computers or our cell phones fail to satisfy our needs, virtually every interaction More »