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Ask Art: Is there a formula to predict or evaluate the success of a lean implementation?
By: Art Byrne | March 21, 2017
Art Byrne is often asked how to best measure the success of a lean transformation -- but does such a measurement even exist? He's been asked this so many times that he now addresses it in his latest installment of Ask Art. Read more. More »
Reflections on the 2017 Lean Transformation Summit
By: Cameron Ford | March 16, 2017
The main theme of the 2017 Lean Transformation Summit was "Managing to Create Problem Solvers" -- but LEI Business Editor Cam Ford spotted another, underlying theme throughout the presentations he attended. Read more to find out what it was and how can it help you create a problem solving culture in your organization. More »
A Week of Kaizen in Just One Day
By: Andrew Quibell | March 15, 2017
"Often when I hear people talk about kaizen, they are under the impression that this is some huge event with dozens of people fixing loads of things over a week," writes Andrew Quibell. But the reality is much simpler - find out how in the latest installment in his visual-lean series. More »
Advice from the Gemba: How Can I Change a Culture?
By: Lean Leaper | March 14, 2017
One of the most common questions asked by lean leaders is the question of culture change. How, they ask, can we change a firmly rooted culture to match our desired behaviors? As far as these four leaders are concerned, the answer is.  ..  by changing the work. Here are their stories. More »
Live Updates from the 2017 Lean Transformation Summit: Day Two
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | March 8, 2017
Another Summit is here! This year we're in beautiful, sunny Carlsbad, Cali. reporting the latest. Tune in today to learn what's happening. More »
Live Updates from the 2017 Lean Transformation Summit: Day One
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | March 7, 2017
Another Summit is here! This year we're in beautiful, sunny Carlsbad, Cali. reporting the latest. Tune in today to learn what's happening. More »
Looking for split seconds, it can mean a NASCAR race WIN!
By: Ernie Richardson and Tracey Richardson | March 2, 2017
Tracey and Ernie Richardson explore how NASCAR pit crews use visuals for safety and speed. More »
EWABI, Earth Corporations (E-CORPS) & Electric Bamboo Bikes
By: Mark Donovan | March 1, 2017
Can electric bamboo bikes made in Bali offer a potential solution to global social, economic and environmental injustice? What does it mean that the Earth owns the business? Learn more about E-CORPS from its creator, Mark Donovan, co-founder of Wooden Ships. More »
How to More Effectively Change Mindsets through Coaching
By: Karyn Ross | February 28, 2017
In her many years as a coach, Karyn Ross has found an alternative to the current paradigm of changing mindsets. The Lean Post recently sat down with Karyn to hear about this new approach and the psychology behind it. More »
Lean Roundup: 5S
By: Tom Ehrenfeld | February 24, 2017
LEI's Senior Editor Tom Ehrenfeld provides an engaging insight into the web's best resources on 5S, a fundamental lean tool that was the first many of us ever used when we started our lean journeys. More »
What are the key traits I should look for in a potential Chief Engineer? A Q&A with Katrina Appell
By: Katrina Appell | February 22, 2017
The Chief Engineer is a key cornerstone of lean product and process development. Katrina Appell has been asked many times what traits a potential CE should have in order to ensure the best chance of success. Her answer may surprise you - read more and find out what you should really ask yourself before accepting applications. More »
Accelerating Justice with Lean Forensics
By: Heather Jamieson | February 16, 2017
One of our most popular subjects on The Lean Post is the use of lean in unorthodox places. But one gemba that we have yet to discuss on the Post is crime laboratories. You might be surprised to learn that they are prime candidates for lean transformations, being the process-heavy environments they are. Heather Jamieson explains. More »
Lean in One Drawing
By: Dave LaHote | February 15, 2017
LEI faculty member, Dave Lahote, shares his concept of thinking about lean as a system and to demonstrate the linkage between lean tools and how the system can create organizational advantage. More »
Muda Corporation: The Pitfalls of 5S
By: Marius Gil | February 14, 2017
In the latest installment of his "Muda Corporation" series, Marius Gil shares nine common mistakes he has seen people make with 5S. More »
A Thriving Community of Practice
By: John Y. Shook | February 9, 2017
"Lean theory and practice are thriving here in early 2017 with the arrival of a small but rich batch of new books," writes LEI Chairman and CEO John Shook. "These recent and upcoming books all bring new ideas and new stories that can help grow and energize the lean community.  ..  " Read more. More »
Lean Quotes from John Shook to Inspire You and Your Team
By: Lean Leaper and John Y. Shook | February 8, 2017
We share with you some inspiring quotes from LEI CEO John Shook. More »
Research, Reflections, and Challenges: John Shook's Closing Keynote of 2016
By: Lean Leaper | February 7, 2017
At the end of every Lean Transformation Summit, Lean Enterprise Institute Chairman and CEO John Shook gives his traditional closing keynote. He shares his observations and thoughts on the lean community plus learnings and advice to keep our lean efforts strong until the next Summit. Here's what he shared with us last year - has it helped you since? More »
Ask Art: Is “We are customer-driven” a good lean strategy?
By: Art Byrne | February 2, 2017
Art Byrne is often asked if "customer-driven" is a good lean strategy. The answer is yes - as long as it's done right. Read more. More »
All Problem Solvers Must...?
By: Cameron Ford | February 1, 2017
What must all problem solvers do? That's what we asked in a recent email survey for summit attendees. Here's what you all said, and don't forget to leave a comment with other thoughts! More »
Planning Meetings Around A3s
By: Andrew Quibell | January 31, 2017
"How many times have you sat in a meeting to discuss solving a pressing, urgent or serious problem – and yet a full hour later find that you’ve gotten nowhere?" asks Andrew Quibell. He's been in that situation more times than he cares to remember - but luckily he now shares a clever strategy that gave his meetings a productivity boost. More »
Managing to Create Problem-Solvers: A Lean Transformation Summit Roundup
By: Lean Leaper | January 26, 2017
Countless people have asked us over the years, "My organization can't be lean without a problem-solving culture. So how do I create one?" The answer: you first create the right management systems! This will be the prevailing theme at this year's Lean Transformation Summit -- here's a spotlight of our summit presenters and what they've published on this popular and fascinating topic. More »
Thinking About Lean Logic
By: Shaun Chamberlin and David Fleming | January 25, 2017
Only a few months ago the acclaimed book of lean essays, "Lean Logic: A Dictionary for the Future," was re-issued by its publisher. It is a dense but magnificently thorough and informative read, at 656 pages. To help make the book's premise and importance more digestible, the Lean Leaper presents a selection of its most powerful excerpts. More »
Lean Roundup: Continuous Problem-Solving
By: Tom Ehrenfeld | January 24, 2017
Continuing his popular Lean Roundup series, LEI Senior Editor Tom Ehrenfeld covers a key topic in lean circles that also happens to be a key theme at the 2017 Lean Transformation Summit: continuous problem solving. More »
Lean Leadership at Legal Sea Foods: An Interview with Roger Berkowitz
By: Chet Marchwinski | January 19, 2017
Watch the video to hear Legal Sea Foods CEO Roger Berkowitz explain the effects lean has has on his own personal leadership style, plus the culture of Legal Sea Foods as a whole. More »
Ask Art: How high is up with lean?
By: Art Byrne | January 18, 2017
Art Byrne explains that continuous improvement really is continuous and that there is no limit to the “up” in lean. More »
What's a good "small step" to start off my LPPD transformation? A Q&A with Katrina Appell
By: Katrina Appell | January 17, 2017
A lean product and process development transformation may seem daunting, but all you really need to get started is a series of simple yet effective "small steps.  " Here's Katrina Appell on her favorite. More »
Question! Adapt? Question!
By: Joshua Rapoza | January 13, 2017
LEI's Customer Strategy Officer talks about his mistake of not asking enough questions and what he learned about passion overtaking reasonable thinking when it comes to the lean summit. More »
Six Personal Kanban Habits to Avoid
By: Jim Benson | January 12, 2017
Jim Benson, kanban specialist, shares the six most common mistakes found on kanban boards. More »
Getting to Sustainability
By: Ernie Richardson and Tracey Richardson | January 11, 2017
Sustaining gains from kaizen thinking is one of the hardest, and certainly most misunderstood, aspects of this work. It’s misunderstood because the actual change takes place at the beginning of the journey. Learn one of the best ways to Get to Sustainability from LEI faculty members Tracey and Ernie Richardson. More »
Lean and Agile: Finding a Role for Your Leadership in Your Transformation Model
By: Bruno Guicardi | January 10, 2017
"Lean and Agile are two of the most commonly discussed (and hotly debated) principles for managing a business, particularly when there’s a transformation underway," writes Bruno Guicardi. "While there are many similarities between the two, leaders need a clear understanding of how and when to put them into practice.  " Read more. More »
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