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Begin from Need
October 28, 2010
"Begin from need" is attributed Taiichi Ohno, a key developer of the Toyota Production System. It means, as shown on these charts, what does the customer (the organization, the worker, the gemba) need right now? It's  another way of articulating the principle of PDCA, plan-do-check-act.    It helps us begin problem solving by grasping the situation, and avoid jumping to conclusions. More »
Shingo Prize Transformation Model
By: Shingo Prize | December 8, 2009
A graphic of the Shingo Prize model for principle-centered operational excellence. More »
Toyota Production System House
By: Marchwinski, Chet | June 5, 2009
The Toyota Production System "house" shows the elements of a lean system. Source: Lean Lexicon. More »
The Gold Mine (Charts and Maps)
By: Ballé, Freddy and Michael Ballé | May 9, 2005
Charts, Graphs and Diagrams; Images; Value-Stream Maps
Charts, maps, and illustrations of key concepts and lessons in The Gold Mine: An illustration of the breakers assembled by Phil Jenkinson's company Operator Balance Charts (OBC) Original plant layout STR value-stream map A sketch of how to create a levelled schedule based on takt time An illustration of how increased change-overs and deliveries lead to reduced lead-time Kanban in a heijunka box More »