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From the Lean Lexicon 5th Edition:

5S:   see Five Ss
5S Again and Again and Again
By: Ballé, Michael | August 7, 2009
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach:Q) I've just inherited responsibility for our 5S efforts in our company. And I face a huge challenge getting the program back on track.  Last summer, a consultant launched a big 5S program with an internal lean Champion. We had great results for the first few months. But the consultant is gone and the internal Champion is stepping down. It's my program now. I recently reviewed 5S scores from the past 2 months as scored by the last team. Scores were in the 80's for all departments. They were giving themselves high scores and everyone was happy. I More »
5S - Visual Workplace
5S methodology helps organizations achieve more consistent operational results through maintaining an orderly workplace. This workshop will introduce you to the 5S methodology and help you learn basic implementation steps including evaluation and audit. More »
5S - The Way to Start Your Lean Journey…or Is It?
By: Dale Savage | September 12, 2017
Many people think that a 5S implementation is the perfect way to kickstart a full lean transformation. It can be - IF you do it right. Years ago Dale Savage witnessed a lean disaster at his company that all started with a new 5S program. Find out what happened and how you can keep it from happening to your company. More »
5S at the FedEx LAX facility for cockpit window and material storage
By: Marchwinski, Chet | May 17, 2009
Articles; Images
5S improvements to eliminate trip hazards and to improve the storage of cockpit windows at the FedEx LAX maintenance and repair facility are shown as part of the LEI success story, Lean Thinking in Aircraft Repair and Maintenance Takes Wing at Fedex Express. (Photos courtesy of Fedex LAX.  ) More »
5S at the FedEx LAX facility for panel and cart storage
By: Marchwinski, Chet | May 17, 2009
Articles; Images
5S improvements to the storage of panels and carts at the FedEx LAX maintenance and repair facility are shown as part of the LEI success story, Lean Thinking in Aircraft Repair and Maintenance Takes Wing at Fedex Express. (Photos courtesy of Fedex LAX.  ) More »
5S for Information
By: Markovitz, Dan | August 4, 2008
When a Lean Thinker asked how to apply the principles of 5S to the company server, Dan Markovitz responded with advice for applying these five key concepts to electronic information files. More »
5S at the FedEx LAX facility help with checking thrust reversers.
By: Marchwinski, Chet | May 17, 2009
Articles; Images
A tool to help check thrust reversers and a cart for transporting decking are shown as part of a 5S effort at the FedEx LAX maintenance and repair facility. The photos are part of the LEI success story, Lean Thinking in Aircraft Repair and Maintenance Takes Wing at Fedex Express. (Photos courtesy of Fedex LAX.  ) More »
5S at the FedEx LAX facility saves money and time.
By: Marchwinski, Chet | May 17, 2009
Employees involved in a 5S effort at the FedEx LAX maintenance and repair facility improved a sharpening tool and the use of work cards. The photos are part of the LEI success story, Lean Thinking in Aircraft Repair and Maintenance Takes Wing at Fedex Express. (Photos courtesy of Fedex LAX.  ) More »
Would you have a fresh perspective on 5S to make it more motivating?
By: Ballé, Michael | September 10, 2014
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach,I’m the manager of a plant that has changed hands (again). The new corporate team finds my 5S insufficient (again) and want me to make a 5S drive (again). Would you have a fresh perspective on 5S to make it more motivating? More »
Lean Roundup: 5S
By: Tom Ehrenfeld | February 24, 2017
LEI's Senior Editor Tom Ehrenfeld provides an engaging insight into the web's best resources on 5S, a fundamental lean tool that was the first many of us ever used when we started our lean journeys. More »
Muda Corporation: The Pitfalls of 5S
By: Marius Gil | February 14, 2017
In the latest installment of his "Muda Corporation" series, Marius Gil shares nine common mistakes he has seen people make with 5S. More »
Should value-stream mapping come before 5S?
By: Michael Ballè | January 19, 2017
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach,Shouldn’t VSM come before 5S so we see the whole picture first? More »
Making Things Better - 5S-ing the Community
By: Tony Heath | October 5, 2016
Do you use any lean tools to make your community a better place? Tony Heath has, ever since he was first sold on 5S many years ago. Here's his story. More »
My Lean Journey: The 5Ss
By: Cameron Ford | October 14, 2015
Do you remember the first time you realized the true potential of lean in improving work output? Lean newcomer Cam Ford does - here's his story of the very first lean concept he ever used and how it helped him almost from Day 1. More »
Lean Thinking for the Office
By: Locher, Drew | June 29, 2011
Unfortunately, attempts to apply lean principles in service organizations or to administrative processes in manufacturing companies often fall short of complete success. Key reasons for these shortcomings is that office work has more variability than factory work. However, the cause of the variability is often how the company organizes itself to process information. In many printing companies, the information process consumes the largest amount of lead time, which a printer typically addresses through prepress. But the lengthy lead times in the prepress process are related to the many hand-offs and queues that exist. To minimize the delays, printers make significant More »
Standardization is a Countermeasure, Never the Goal
By: Mark Graban | July 29, 2014
"If you're excited about standardized work and standardization, especially if you're new to Lean, please stop and think about the problem that's being solved and confirm that there is one before you move forward," writes Mark Graban. Read more. More »
The Magnificent 7 of Lean Manufacturing
By: Andrew Quibell | March 20, 2018
How do you establish stability on a shop floor that’s chaotic? Andrew Quibell recommends “7 manufacturing basics,” his personal selection of lean improvement tools, methodologies, and techniques. And they also boost people’s confidence, helping them sustain improvements. More »
The Snowstorm on Your Server
By: Eric Ethington | April 6, 2016
When looking for a place to implement 5S, your company's server or shared drive might not be the first to come to mind. And yet it's a major cause of waste for so many professionals who spend hours clicking through the sea of similar-looking files. This was the challenge that Eric Ethington faced at a previous job - 5S his company's SharePoint site and eliminate the waste. Here's how he did it. More »
A Journey to Value Streams: Reorganizing Into Five Groups Drives Lean Improvements and Customer Responsiveness
By: Tonya Vinas | February 28, 2008
Case Studies; Charts, Graphs and Diagrams
While many plants have used value-stream thinking and practices such as current- and future-state mapping, Parker Hannifin Corporation's New Haven, IN, plant has created a value-stream culture centered on autonomy, entrepreneurialism, and lean principles. The change started after months of lengthy discussions among functional leaders, who ultimately determined the best way to remain competitive was to relinquish much of their control to value-stream teams. Along the way, the plant had to overcom More »
Five Missing Pieces in Your Standardized Work (Part 2 of 3)
By: Shook, John | October 20, 2009
Columns; eLetters
Last column we looked at the first three of my Five Missing Pieces in Your Standardized Work. Let's pick up where we left off, with Neglected Piece Number Four -- practice.  4. Practice, practice, practice…For some reason, most of the time most of us come to see our day-to-day work as mundane. I guess it's because we do it every day. But, is that necessary? Craftsmen do their work every day. Artists paint or sculpt every day. Athletes run or swim every day. Musicians play every day. But we choose to put our daily in a different, lesser, category. The More »
Five Missing Pieces in Your Standardized Work (Part 1 of 3)
By: Shook, John | October 14, 2009
Columns; eLetters
So, how is your standardized work (SW) implementation going? Responses to that usually paint an ugly picture. Here’s what I frequently hear: “We just don’t have the discipline Toyota has to make SW work.  " "We put it in place but the people don’t follow… More »
Five Missing Pieces in Your Standardized Work (Part 3 of 3)
By: Shook, John | October 27, 2009
Columns; eLetters
Part 3A Simple Outline for the Purpose, Process, and People of Standardized WorkIn the last two columns, I introduced five neglected aspects of standardized work. Several people quickly requested a column on what, exactly, SW is. Here's a quick introductory outline, following LEI's Three P framework of Purpose, Process, and People. Incorporate these things when setting about to establish standardized work.  Purpose i. - Baseline for improvement.  ii. - Means of realizing attainment of org goals at the frontlines, where the real work of the organization takes place.  iii. - Means of engaging the people who do the work. In More »
Five Tips on Lean Coaching
By: Lean Leaper | July 9, 2018
In advance of next week's coaching summit, here are some key coaching tips culled from content written by some of the presenters. More »
Five Whys
By: Ballé, Michael | February 7, 2012
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach,I’m a lean coach and teach A3s in my company. Every lean book mentions “5 why,” and I can see the power of it in theory but I struggle with it in practice. Any tips? More »
Lean Business-IT Integration, Part Five: Measurement - Finding Our True North
By: Bell, Steve | November 8, 2012
In the fifth article of a five-part series on Lean IT, LEI faculty member Steve Bell addresses measurement. Part One begins with the importance of lean business-IT integration. Part Two offers help with the common obstacles to a lean IT transformation. Part Three examines how to integrate the various IT communities. And Part Four examines leadership and IT governance.    More »
Lesson From Japan: Day Five
By: Lean Leaper | June 29, 2018
On this final set of shared lessons from Japan, our lean learners reflect on the spirit of kaizen and the notion of employees as assets. They learn more about why "To Toyota, kaizen is the same as breathing.  " More »
By: By Mike Rother | June 1, 2012
The Five Questions are a pattern and routine that's central to coaching the Improvement Kata. More »
The Five Poisons of Big Company Disease
By: Michael Ballé | November 18, 2014
What's "big company disease"? The tendency of any large company to worry about clearly defined territories, rules and procedures, and integrated systems more than a passion for quality or the kaizen spirit. Michael Ballé explains. More »
Effective Supervision 101
By: Stan Shaw | January 21, 2015
One of the biggest challenges for lean thinkers is translating lean thinking into lean doing, writes Stan Shaw. One of the best ways of making this leap is making sure supervisors and team leaders deeply understand their role with frontline workers and their role in the organization. Read more. More »
No Excuses
By: Shook, John | October 22, 2008
Columns; eLetters
There has been much drive-by observation of lean operations over the years. A drive-by will unveil a fair amount of the operational side of lean, much less of the managerial. But, one management characteristic the observant drive-by observer will in fact be able to see quickly is no blame -- the contrast of the five whys of lean management with the five whos of traditional management will even jump out at you. No blame is indeed an important feature of lean management. A culture of management seeking where to place the blame -- the five whos -- will absolutely prevent More »
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