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Lean is About Building Organizations that Learn to Learn
By: Lean Leaper | June 2, 2015
In April, LEI's John Shook spoke at the LeanUX NYC conference about how the lean movement has changed (and not changed) over time and what any community (user design or otherwise) needs to focus on in terms of leadership behaviors in order to build strong organizations that solve problems. Watch the video and read excerpts from his keynote. More »
Problem Framing at the Fuzzy Front-End of Lean Product Design
By: Will Evans | August 20, 2014
Lean emphasizes problem solving, but many individuals and teams just have trouble coming up with an accurate problem statement. In his first piece for the Post, design thinker Will Evans explains the "4W method" he's begun using to help teams surface their assumptions and agree on a shared problem statement before ever thinking about a new target condition. More »
Lean Change Is Organizational and Personal
By: Lean Leaper | June 19, 2014
"Lean management is less about providing the right answers than asking the right questions and exploring those questions by engaging others in experiments to learn through doing," John Shook reminds us. Learn more from a talk Shook recently gave to the LEAN UX community. More »