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From the Lean Lexicon 5th Edition:

Coaching:   Helping others develop the problem-solving capability required for implementing lean tools and principles and building a company culture of continuous performance improvement.  In lean management, the coach avoids telling coachees what to do because it robs them of the opportunity to think the problem through for themselves; it deprives them of ownership of the problem; and the coach realizes he or she seldom knows as much about the situation as the problem owner.   The coach's role is to use open questioning to help the coachee become more aware of what he or she knows and needs to know. The coach prompts the More »
By: Shook, John | June 26, 2014
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I'm a long-time fan of Brasilian futbol (or as some of us call it, soccer). This World Cup, I've been won over by the Mexican team. Why? Coach Miguel Herrera. Why? His passion is infectious. As a fan, I love it. Coaching, though, isn't just one thing. More »
Coaching to the Challenge
By: Mark Reich | January 23, 2019
When coaching there is no black and white answer – everything depends on the criticality of the business situation, the level of the challenge, and the capability of the Team Member, says Mark Reich. This article shares his experience in challenging someone to learn at the gemba. More »
Coaching the Uncoachable Comes Down to Rock Paper and Scissors
By: Dan Prock | May 29, 2018
Breaking out of a thinking cycle that is already too full to learn anything can be found in thinking about the game of rock, paper, and scissors, says lean coach Dan Prock. More »
Coaching: A Core Skill for Transformational Leadership
By: Lean Leaper | July 24, 2015
LEI's CEO and Chairman John Shook shares his keynote presentation from the sold-out 2015 Lean Coaching Summit earlier this week in Seattle. More »
Coaching Effectively Within Takt Time
By: Jeff Smith | July 9, 2014
When time is of the essence and work just needs to be done, how do you help someone improve their work or solve a problem quickly? Jeff Smith shares an example from the shopfloor. More »
Coaching and Questions; Questions and Coaching
By: Shook, John | February 17, 2009
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John Shook discusses the role of questioning More »
Coaching for Development - Structured Coaching Using A3 Thinking
This workshop will take participants through a unique version of the A3 thinking process, modified to facilitate and foster personal development. We will also discuss key coaching and leadership skills that support developing others as problem solvers, and tips for how to use the personal A3 framework to anchor ongoing coaching relationship. More »
Coaching to the Challenge
How to respond, as a coach, in high-stress situations? How to develop capability in workers and keep the company afloat in a crisis? How to take action without taking away responsibility? What different coaching methods exist and when is it appropriate to use them? Facilitators Laura and Mark will guide you through these questions as you experience an immersive simulation in which managers and workers are confronted with a crisis situation and need to determine which type of coaching to use when. More »
Coaching in the Moment : Meeting the Challenges of Productive, and Respectful, Coaching on the Run
Managers and leaders want to coach their employees. They know they need to help them improve their skills and improve their performance capabilities. Even knowing it will take some of the burden off them down the road, most managers and leaders struggle to find the time to coach and develop their employees. More »
Art of Lean on Situational Leadership, Part 3: D2-S2 and Coaching
By: Art Smalley | January 29, 2021
Part two saw Art Smalley discussing Toyota, Taiichi Ohno, and more examples of situational leadership being exemplified in real-time. This time, he returns to provide further examples and even more contextual information, getting into the stages and quadrants that will help you become an effective leader. More »
How the Hoshin Kanri Process Coupled with Coaching Drives Lean Transformation, Part 2
By: Laura Mottola | January 18, 2021
Discover how a coach can help leaders execute a successful organizational transformation using the hoshin kanri process. More »
How the Hoshin Kanri Process Coupled with Coaching Drives Lean Transformation, Part 1
By: Laura Mottola | January 6, 2021
Learn about some of the intangibles you'll need to know to execute an organizational transformation using hoshin kanri. More »
How to Develop Healthy Habits for Mindful Coaching
By: Lean Leaper | August 17, 2020
Powerful lean coaches help others create productive habits that over time produce a type of "muscle memory" that forms a foundation for long-term growth and learning. This roundup of articles expanding on this subject ties into the forthcoming Virtual Lean Learning Experience. More »
Learning the Hard and Soft Skills of Lean Coaching
By: Lean Leaper | August 3, 2020
While lean is often associated with process improvement, error reduction, and greater efficiency in a wide range of numbers; most veterans argue that above all else, this system is primarily about healthy, productive, and sustainable coaching. More »
What I Learned by Coaching at the Gemba Virtually
By: Mark Reich | June 23, 2020
Lean Coach Mark Reich shares an example of how lean thinking is itself continually renewed, as leading practitioners use it to solve new problems. More »
Coachable: Facilitating Peer-to-Peer Coaching for Effectively Spreading Knowledge
By: Deborah McGee and Bryant Sanders | January 27, 2020
Join the ongoing conversation on coaching by listening to this new episode of the Coachable podcast series, as Deb McGee talks with Lean Coach Bryant Sanders about techniques and perspectives on enrolling support and facilitating measurable improvement in your work. More »
WLEI: 32. Coachable: A Model Story, Coaching Work Improvement
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | January 27, 2020
As this series continues to explore the implications and dynamic of “coaching” in a business environment, Bryant Sanders models the mindset and techniques for coaching work improvement to develop people. Bryant draws on 26 years Toyota experience to facilitate his coaching techniques with a team in the field leading to a dramatic improvement in the work. He walks us through the story from deciding where to focus, to earning the team’s trust, facilitating reflection solidifying the what and the why and then leveraging one another’s strengths to upskill the team and eliminate difficulty and waste in the work. An excellent More »
Tackling the Problems at the Heart of Coaching
By: Lean Leaper | December 23, 2019
What is the best way to navigate the tough challenge of coaching someone productively? What is the best way to both challenge the individual while providing sufficient space for them to own their personal learning? When is the best situation in which to intervene? Such challenging questions are at the heart of this engaging dialogue between LEI’s Deb McGee and coach Jeff Smith. More »
WLEI: 28. Coachable: Creating the Environment for Effective Coaching
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | December 23, 2019
December 23, 2019Featuring: Deborah McGee and Jeff SmithAs this series continues to explore the implications and dynamic of “coaching” in a business environment, Jeff Smith reveals the importance of the learning environment for impactful coaching. Jeff draws on 22 years experience within the Toyota Production System and recalls his coaching experience at New United Motor, and later as a coach in many organizations. We talk about coaching in the front office as well as shop floor, engaging with problems using A3 thinking, and mechanisms to signal abnormal conditions inherently perfect for effective coaching moments.  We invite your thoughts and experiences about More »
The Challenges of Coaching
By: Josh Howell | November 12, 2019
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I’ve stepped into a new role recently, assuming responsibility for a variety of new-to-me jobs. One of my new jobs is writing this monthly e-letter. For this job, and many others, I have a lot to learn about the work, leaving me wanting for some semblance of routine, however small. As a team leader (i.  e. player-coach), I’m also responsible for supporting others who find themselves in similar situations.     More »
Talking Coaching with Lean Sensei Crystal Davis, Rich Vellante, Josh Howell, and John Shook
By: Lean Leaper | June 21, 2019
In advance of the Lean Coaching Summit, coaches Josh Howell, Crystal Davis, John Shook, and Rich Vellante discuss the finer points of coaching others, including a working definition for lean coaching. More »
Five Tips on Lean Coaching
By: Lean Leaper | July 9, 2018
Here are some key coaching tips culled from content written by some of the top lean coaches. More »
Thoughts on Coaching from John Shook and Edgar Schein
By: Lean Leaper | July 2, 2018
Excerpts from an in-depth conversation between John Shook and Ed Schein on the nature of coaching, humble inquiry, and the dynamics of organizational improvement through people. More »
Try These Three Deliberate Practices of Lean Coaching
By: Dan Prock | June 15, 2018
A lean coach doesn’t do PDCA; she or he has three deliberate practices that keep the PDCA gear rolling with a check, adjustment, new purpose and plan to do for kaizen experiments. A lean coach using these three deliberate practices is a perpetual motion machine of sustainable continuous improvement. More »
Starter Kata for Coaching
By: Mike Rother | January 19, 2018
The latest Kata SlideShare (and embedded 8-minute video) traces an arc of practice and learning of coaching skill. Establish a baseline of fundamental skills, and then build on them to advance your coaching skill development. More »
What Too Many Leaders Get Wrong with Coaching Kata
By: Elizabeth Carrington | November 14, 2017
Think you can dive headfirst into Coaching Kata with your reports? Think again. More »
Lean Coffee-Inspired Coaching
By: Josh Howell | September 26, 2017
Lean Coffee has been praised for making meetings more productive by giving all participants a say in creating an agenda that works for everyone. LEI Senior Coach Josh Howell recently chose to incorporate Lean Coffee principles into the 2017 Lean Coaching Summit, which he organized and hosted back in July. Here's how he did it and what we as coaches can learn from it. More »
Back to Basics: John Shook on the Role of Questions in Coaching
By: John Shook | August 29, 2017
In this throwback to the classic John Shook eletter "Coaching and Questions; Questions and Coaching," we learn the impacts of asking coachees the right questions, as opposed to giving them the answers. More »
Summer Kata Video: Example Coaching Cycle
By: Mike Rother | July 14, 2017
The five Coaching Kata questions are just the main headings for a coaching cycle, and prompts to help reveal how the learner is thinking — so the coach can give appropriate, situational feedback. This video includes clarifying questions, discussion, and feedback between the five Coaching Kata questions. Please excuse the poor audio. More »
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