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Learning From The Sensei Way at Work
By: John Shook | June 14, 2021
Seek perfection by cultivating a daily discipline of mindfulness, whether in lean practice or Buddhist training, writes John Shook in his foreword to a new book by Dan Prock. More »
Learning to Learn with the Lean Sensei
By: Lean Leaper | October 28, 2020
Lean is not a production system, it's an education system, argues the book The Lean Sensei, which was recently awarded the Shingo Award for publishing excellence. A look into its framing the heart of lean as an act of coaching that generates learning. More »
Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn: A Podcast with Katie Anderson and Isao Yoshino
By: Lean Leaper | October 26, 2020
Join us for this WLEI podcast with Katie Anderson and Mr. Isao Yoshino on his experiences with Toyota that formed the basis for Katie's new book Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn. More »
WLEI: Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn: A Conversation with Isao Yoshino and Katie Anderson on Experimentation and Learning
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | October 26, 2020
“It’s only a failure if you don’t learn,” says Mr. Isao Yoshino, who shared many key lessons from his career at Toyota with Katie Anderson, who based her new book Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn on his experience and insights. Join us for a podcast with host Tom Ehrenfeld that explores the lessons gleaned from his career at Toyota.   Download a complete transcript of the conversation here.    More »
Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn--A Transcription of a Conversation with Katie Anderson and Isao Yoshino
October 8, 2020
Explore the challenges of learning from experience in this transcript of the podcast with Katie Anderson and Mr. Isao Yoshino.    More »
Learning the Hard and Soft Skills of Lean Coaching
By: Lean Leaper | August 3, 2020
While lean is often associated with process improvement, error reduction, and greater efficiency in a wide range of numbers; most veterans argue that above all else, this system is primarily about healthy, productive, and sustainable coaching. More »
Learning to Help Anna Elevate Her Game
By: Jeff Smith | March 4, 2019
Anna was trained by NUMMI to identify and solve challenges via experiments with her team, notes Jeff Smith, sharing a story from NUMMI; she had been trained to set up jobs, build racks for parts, and more.  Yet evidently what she needed to resolve the issue at hand was a little practical understanding/physical help and space to think while being relaxed and not emotionally wound up. More »
Learning a New Skill II - The Learning Curve
By: Mike Boyd | January 14, 2019
This month's 10-minute TK video (by Mike Boyd and his wife) is a clever visual description of the typical learning curve we go through in acquiring any new skill – whether it's juggling, or practicing Starter Kata for scientific thinking. Skip the ad at the end. More »
Learning a New Skill
By: Mike Boyd | November 12, 2018
This month's 5-minute TK video is about deliberate practice for learning new skills. Specifically, Mike Boyd summarizes tips from his practice, which line up perfectly with Toyota Kata. Enjoy, and, well, feel the burn as you learn. More »
Learning to Teach the Soft Side of Lean
By: Tracey Richardson | April 23, 2018
If there’s one common theme among virtually any failed effort, it boils to a failure to engage people in the purpose, says Tracey Richardson. That's why before any industry or functional area attempts (beyond manufacturing) to learn lean thinking, the people leading the work must gain the mutual trust and respect from your workers by walking the walk. More »
Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn
By: Eric Buehrens and Alice Lee | January 18, 2018
Hear how a personal lean transformation supported a crucial organizational transformation following a financial crisis at a large medical center. In this unique Lean Talk, Alice Lee and Eric Buehrens revisit Eric’s lean journey to discuss its challenges and successes. More »
Learning from John Wooden: Everyone Is a Teacher & a Coach
By: John Shook | July 30, 2014
John Wooden was arguably the most successful, probably the most influential, and certainly the most studied coach in the history of US sports. Learn why his coaching was so effective and what it means for lean thinking and practice. More »
Learning Through Struggle
By: Danielle McGuiness | March 25, 2014
LEI coach Danielle Blais reflects on one of the most frustrating (and ultimately, most rewarding) coaching moments she's experienced so far in her career. More »
By: By Meryl Runion Rose | June 14, 2012
Meryl Runion (creator of the SpeakStrong series of books) has a nice way of making things clear and understandable. This SlideShare is no exception. More »
Learning Lean - Collaboratively
By: Shook, John | January 26, 2012
Columns; eLetters
I wish I knew more about learning. I know quite a lot, just not nearly enough. Like you, I’ve been educated – hopefully even learning throughout that process – for many (too many?) years. I’ve – again hopefully – continued to learn outside of formal “education” throughout my life, as have you, in work and personal life. More »
Learning to See / Seeing the Whole Value Stream Set
By: Dan Jones, Mike Rother, John Shook, Jim Womack | October 25, 2011
This is a special discounted combination package of the classics Learning to See and Seeing the Whole Value Stream. More »
Learning from Managing to Learn
By: Shook, John | March 3, 2009
Columns; eLetters
It has been about four months since the release of Managing to Learn, now already in its second printing. I’ve received incredible response from many quarters, some great reviews both on-line and in print, and some thought-provoking questions. Here are two exchanges you might find interesting. More »
Learning to Manage
By: Womack, Jim | January 22, 2009
Columns; eLetters
My colleague John Shook has recently written a wonderful book for LEI about "managing to learn". By this he means the method of discovery that lean managers use to deploy initiatives from higher organizational levels, solve problems at their organizational level, and evaluate proposals from lower organizational levels. By using this method at every level on a continuing basis, organizations truly learn how to learn while creating ever better managers. More »
Build in Learning and Knowledge Reuse
By: Jim Morgan | May 3, 2021
Discover the three essential elements of organizational learning and hear how three leading LPPE practitioners describe how they've benefited by building learning and knowledge reuse into their development processes. More »
Contributor’s Corner: Learning With 10X Speed at US Synthetic
By: Ken Bertagnolli | May 3, 2021
How rapid learning cycles helped the synthetic diamond manufacturer slash its idea-to-test turnaround time from 43 days to 4.  5 days -- and create a significant advantage in the market. More »
Ask Art: The Benefits of Kaizen Learning vs. Traditional Problem-Solving
By: Art Byrne | November 18, 2020
Kaizen is for learning and doing, says Art Byrne, who points out the benefits of this "learn-by-doing" approach over traditional problem-solving. More »
Exploring the Advantages of Online Learning
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | August 26, 2020
Transcript of "Exploring the Advantages of Online Learning," featuring the Lean Enterprise Institute's Josh Howell, Matt Savas, and Masia Goodman, who share how LEI is tapping into ways of learning and leveraging the latest learning technologies to design its upcoming Virtual Lean Learning Experience. More »
Beyond 'Linear' Intelligence: Learning Lean Through Shared Experiments and Improvements
By: Masia Goodman | August 10, 2020
Learning entails far more than a linear set of directions from one person to another, argues LEI's Masia Goodman, who presents ways that the upcoming Virtual Lean Learning Experience (VLX) seeks to incorporate lean ways of learning. More »
Lessons Shared On Learning to Lead; and Leading to Learn
By: Katie Anderson | July 8, 2020
In her new book, Katie Anderson argues that, "being a leader means clearly defining a challenge or target for your people. The purpose of a challenge is to stretch people to create new possibilities, to strive for bigger outcomes, and to support learning.  " More »
Are These Two Non-learning Trends Hurting Your Company Culture?
By: Chet Marchwinski | January 8, 2020
The beating heart of continuous improvement is learning, concludes author and product development executive Jim Morgan, who has done pioneering work researching and implementing lean product development. But he sees two disturbing “nonlearning” trends that, if present in your culture, will hamstring any improvement efforts. More »
Frame the Work For Safety and Learning
By: Amy C. Edmondson | November 15, 2019
The most important skill to master as a leader is that of framing the work, says Harvard Business School Professor Amy Edmondson. Frames consist of assumptions or beliefs that we layer onto reality. All of us frame objects and situations automatically. Great leaders understand this and manage frames intentionally. More »
A Matchless Learning Opportunity for Executives and Leaders
July 31, 2019
Spend 5 intense days observing and learning from operations at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, Toyota supplier Summit Polymers, and GE Appliances at our Kentucky Lean Leadership Tour. Shop-floor walks are followed by facilitated reflection and roundtable discussions, led by this outstanding team of experienced coaches. More »
Kanban As A Learning Strategy
By: Michael Ballé, Jacques Chaize, Orest (Orry) Fiume and Dan Jones | March 22, 2019
Toyota’s Kanban legacy—and its underlying ideas—have far more direct lineage with today’s digital economy than most folks realize; and capture the core elements of the disruptive lean strategy fueling many of today’s successes. More »
Why We Believe People-Free Plants and Services Prevent Learning
By: Lean Sensei Women | December 19, 2018
We (Lean Sensei Women) are a group of women from different continents, horizons, and professions who share a commitment to the development of people. We believe that people-free services and plant floors prevent meaningful learning from happening, and that digital systems will always require people and the capacity for human learning. More »
Double Loop Learning at Kongsberg Maritime
By: Daryl Powell and Eivind Reke | October 18, 2018
Kongsberg Maritime, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Norwegian-based Kongsberg Group, tapped into a Kyoryokukai, or network for supplier innovation, to create a space for single--and double--loop learning for its members. More »
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