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Rethinking the Model Line
By: James P. Womack | April 19, 2018
The model line, once seen as the key to helping organizations learn and share lean thinking, has served a critical purpose, says Jim Womack: to raise awareness of fundamental management problems. More »
What's the difference between model lines and kaizen events?
By: Ballé, Michael | April 26, 2012
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Dear Gemba Coach: We used to do six sigma and are new to lean. Some consultants talk to us about model lines and others about kaizen events. Can you clarify the difference? More »
“Too much, Too early” and other Common Pitfalls of Lean Product Development
By: Eric Ethington, Chet Marchwinski and Matt Zayko | June 29, 2020
Veteran product development coaches Eric Ethington and Matt Zayko provide insights about the most common mistakes they see companies make when implementing Lean Product and Process Development (LPPD). More »
WLEI: On the Job with Tom Root, Managing Partner of Zingerman's Mail Order
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | March 2, 2020
Spoiler alert! The food you just ate is not fresh. It was "sourced" longer ago than you'd imagine. And since that time, it's been handled in batch after batch. The same can be said for many lean transformations - one batch of improvement activity after another. Zingerman's Mail Order has been reducing batch sizes for 15 years, acting as a sort of "model line" for the entire food industry. Tom Root and Josh Howell discuss ZMO's lean transformation and their many lessons learned, searching for useful takeaways for you the listener.    More »
How Ron Kelner Helped Build A System of Improvement at Deublin
By: Josh Howell | February 3, 2020
In this podcast, Deublin COO Ron Kelner shares with Josh Howell the long learning journey of his company as it pursues lean, moving beyond creating a foundation of tools-based improvement, and towards developing a business system with problem-solving and people development at its core. More »
WLEI: 32. Coachable: A Model Story, Coaching Work Improvement
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | January 27, 2020
As this series continues to explore the implications and dynamic of “coaching” in a business environment, Bryant Sanders models the mindset and techniques for coaching work improvement to develop people. Bryant draws on 26 years Toyota experience to facilitate his coaching techniques with a team in the field leading to a dramatic improvement in the work. He walks us through the story from deciding where to focus, to earning the team’s trust, facilitating reflection solidifying the what and the why and then leveraging one another’s strengths to upskill the team and eliminate difficulty and waste in the work. An excellent More »
Transcript for the WLEI Podcast: Coachable: A Model Story, Coaching Work Improvement
By: Deb McGee and Bryant Sanders | January 1, 2020
Read the transcript from the WLEI Podcast: Coachable: A Model Story, Coaching Work Improvement, airing January 27, 2020, featuring: Deborah McGee and Bryant Sanders.  Want to listen to the podcast? Listen to the podcast here » More »
Green from the Start
By: Kelly Singer | November 2, 2016
LEI faculty member Jim Morgan shares his insights with Kelly Singer, managing editor of the Lean Green Institute, on how companies can increase their environmental stewardship with a truly green value stream. More »
John Toussaint on What a Complete System Transformation Looks Like In Healthcare
By: Lean Leaper | May 21, 2015
John Toussaint, CEO emeritus of ThedaCare and CEO of the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value, shared his guiding principles for transformation in an article for Planet Lean recently. Read our picks for highlights from the interview and tell us what challenges and successes you're seeing in healthcare right now. More »
How do you protect jobs while reducing lines and shifts?
By: Ballé, Michael | April 20, 2015
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Dear Gemba Coach: How do you protect jobs while reducing lines and shifts? More »
Food Bank For New York City and Toyota: Unlikely Partners in Innovation
By: Lex Schroeder | February 28, 2014
Margarette Purvis, President and CEO of Food Bank For New York City, will tell the story about Food Bank's partnership with TSSC at next week's Lean Transformation Summit in Orlando! More »
Creating Continuous Flow (eBook)
By: Mike Rother and Rick Harris | August 15, 2013
This workbook explains in simple, step-by-step terms how to introduce and sustain lean flows of material and information in pacemaker cells and lines, a prerequisite for achieving a lean value stream.  A sight we frequently encounter when touring plants is the relocation of processing steps from departments (process villages) to product-family work cells, but too often these "cells" produce only intermittent and erratic flow. Output gyrates from hour to hour and small piles of inventory accumulate between each operation so that few of the benefits of cellularization are actually being realized; and, if the cell is located upstream from the More »
Ask Art: How Do I Get Senior Leadership On Board with Lean?
By: Art Byrne | July 1, 2013
Lean transformations are rarely successful without the support and participation of senior leadership. Art Byrne, former CEO of Wiremold, shares his advice to lean practitioners who are having difficulty getting senior leaders engaged. More »
Why Starting With a Model Area is Key to Lean Transformation
By: Danielle McGuiness | June 24, 2013
Lean coach Danielle Blais explains why starting small, with one team in one area, is so important to leading an effective lean transformation. More »
2013 Transformation Summit
November 15, 2012
March 13-14, 2013 - Orlando, Florida. Focus and accelerate your lean efforts by using your tranformation model to guide capability development. More »
How Do the Problems of Continuous Improvement Professionals Differ from Those of Line Managers
By: Ballé, Michael | September 7, 2012
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Dear Gemba Coach: How do the lean-related problems or responsibilities of ci professionals differ from those of line managers or business unit managers? More »
Which is best for a lean environment, a U-shaped cell or assembly line? Why?
By: Balle, Michael | January 25, 2012
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Dear Gemba Coach: Which is best for a lean environment, a U-shaped cell or assembly line? Why? More »
On the Mend (eBook)
By: John Toussaint, MD and Roger Gerard | June 9, 2010
Using the improvement model popularized by the Toyota Production System, ThedaCare arrived at lean healthcare and three organizing principles – focus on patients, value, and time – that are built upon a foundation of continuous improvement and respect for people. See how they applied these principles to a large medical system with striking results. More »
How lean should a lean line design be?
By: Balle, Michael | May 19, 2010
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Dear Gemba Coach: I’m in manufacturing engineering and have been asked to design a lean line. I’ve participated to several kaizen workshops and have some general ideas about how to go about it, but I’ve also heard many horror stories of lines that were designed so “lean” they can’t run in practice. Any ideas as to how lean should lean be? More »
From Modern Management to Lean Management
By: Womack, Jim | November 21, 2008
a 2008 presentation by Jim Womack at the Lean Enterprise Academy Summit More »
An Approach to Lean Transformation
By: Bañolas, Rogério | August 1, 2008
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Lean transformations occur in few companies because the change process is complex. Without understanding the multifaceted organizational and human factors related to lean transformations, change is difficult, if not impossible. Rogério Bañolas explores and sorts out the interrelationship of leadership, lean knowledge, mental models, principles, and values that you should understand to make a successful lean leap. More »
From Staffs Conducting Programs to Line Managers Solving Problems
By: Womack, Jim | July 17, 2008
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As part of a new LEI research project on lean management, I have been visiting with a number organizations well along in lean transformations.    Here’s a typical story from a recent visit. More »
Nice Car, Long Journey
By: Womack, Jim | June 6, 2008
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2008 marks the 100th anniversary of the introduction of the Model T Ford. This truly is “the machine that changed the world”, even if the title of a 1990 book might suggest otherwise! Nearly 16 million copies were built over 19 years of production as the world was motorized.    The Model T in many ways marks the beginning of the lean era. So I recently decided I should go to Detroit and learn to drive a Model T. More »
Transformational Leadership: An Experiential Program for Lean Leaders
This 2.  5-day executive program uses experiential methodology to uncover the thinking that drives leaders’ behaviors. The program engages you in a realistic business simulation followed by a series of debriefs for reflection on your current leadership style and in order to help you develop a plan for moving toward a more effective lean leadership model. More »
Recognizing Effective PDCA Problem Solving
This workshop will review the basic six-step PDCA process for investigating problems and deciding the most effective ways to eliminate them. It is intended to help leaders and coaches develop the listening and observation skills to recognize and model sound PDCA problem solving based on grasp of actual conditions. It will also prepare leaders to facilitate teams in PDCA thinking and coach employees to develop the skills to apply the process on their own. More »
Understanding Lean Transformation
Come explore the components of the Lean Transformation Model, see examples of what others are doing and reflect upon some potential gaps to close within your own organization. More »
The Lean Profit Model
This workshop will show the connectivity between the various types of lean tools, techniques and concepts and how the benefits of using lean can be captured in quantitative aspects. More »