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How Do I Measure People Development?
By: Ballé, Michael | April 6, 2015
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Dear Gemba Coach: What is the metric for people development? More »
Thinking About Introducing A3 Problem-Solving? Think Twice if Leadership Isn’t Engaged
By: David Verble | July 28, 2021
Your organization’s leadership doesn’t support introducing the A3 problem-solving process, but why not introduce it into your unit or area of responsibility? Experienced lean management coach and practitioner David Verble cautions that it will be very, very hard to succeed for reasons he explains in this Q&A follow-up to a recent webinar on the A3 process. More »
Ensuring Success of Hoshin Kanri – a Better Way to Plan and Execute Your Strategy
By: Patricia Panchak | July 12, 2021
Logoplaste's global vice president of lean and strategy shares a few vital lessons, learned through experience, about a proven way to set and achieve your organization's annual strategic objectives. More »
Addressing a Critical Problem in Strategic Planning and Execution
By: Patricia Panchak | July 6, 2021
Logoplaste's global vice president of lean and strategy deployment describes the experience -- and benefits -- six months into its adoption of the hoshin kanri process (aka strategy development and deployment). More »
Purpose, Process, People
By: James P. Womack | June 7, 2021
When evaluating your lean efforts, Jim Womack suggests that you examine your purpose first of all, and then your process and then your people. More »
Are You Creating the Right Environment?
By: Josh Howell | June 1, 2021
Turner Construction is working hard to develop the "right environment" in which productive lean inquiry is baked into the working space of each situation their team is facing, writes Josh Howell. More »
Multiply the Improvers in Your Organization Every Day
By: Andrew Quibell | May 11, 2021
Be prepared to commit the time, patience and tenacity to unleash the power of improvement your organization, says Andrew Quibell. He illustrates how to actively engage all your people. More »
Understand Before You Execute
By: Jim Morgan | April 30, 2021
Leading practitioners share the benefits of understanding this principle of lean product and process development. More »
Understanding the 4S Help Chain, Part 2: Lessons from NUMMI on How to Adapt the Model to Product Development
By: Matt Zayko | April 29, 2021
How do you create an andon signal for your product and process development process? Matt Zayko, a technical coach for LEI's Lean Product and Process Development team, explains. More »
Understanding the 4S Help Chain, Part 1: Lessons from NUMMI on How to Manage Work Disruptions
By: Matt Zayko | April 27, 2021
What are the four critical characteristics of an effective help chain? Matt Zayko, a technical coach for LEI's Lean Product and Process Development team, explains. More »
How Stalwart Lean Leadership and Classic Lean Practices Yield Operational and Clinical Excellence
By: Alice Lee | March 30, 2021
Organizations can achieve the seemingly impossible when they have steadfast lean leadership, a sharp focus on purpose, and experience applying "classic" lean thinking and practice. Here's an example. More »
Fight for Your Lean Team
By: Dan Prock | March 29, 2021
Managers, supervisors and coaches should mindfully support the storming and norming that teams require in order to grow an existing work team into a high performing lean community, says Dan Prock. More »
Why Hoshin Kanri is a Better Approach to Planning and Execution
By: Pascal Dennis | March 25, 2021
Effective hoshin kanri builds on traditional strategy deployment by including key questions that conventional models fail to include, argues Pascal Dennis in a second article based on his key book Getting the Right Things Done. More »
Once More: What is Strategy Deployment, and Why Should You Care?
By: Pascal Dennis | March 24, 2021
Strategy deployment helps keep lean practitioners focused on the prize—creating value for the customer, says Pascal Dennis in the foreword to his Getting the Right Things Done book. Strategy deployment, also known as hoshin kanri, aligns, focuses, and engages our team members. More »
3 Lessons Maersk Learned from Adopting Hoshin Kanri
By: Agne Nainyte | March 23, 2021
Deploying hoshin kanri at Maersk was challenging, recounts Agne Nainyte, who shares the details of this work that helped the organization shift from firefighting to preventative strategic planning. More »
How Wiremold Reinvented Itself Through Kaizen
By: Art Byrne | March 17, 2021
Art Byrne shares a seminal 25-year-old article recounting how Wiremold tapped Kaizen to support a complete lean turnaround that continues to inspire and instruct people on their own journey today. More »
Real Respect Feels Like Knowing You've Been Heard
By: David Verble | March 15, 2021
Showing respect by actively listening to others--being present in mind and body, consciously attending to what is said, connecting with the person not just the words--are all deeply anchored in core lean values, says David Verble. More »
Boost the Power of PDCA By Tackling the Challenge of Self-Awareness
By: Mike Orzen | March 10, 2021
While PDCA is the engine of lean discovery, argues Mike Orzen, building self-awareness into this scientific method truly unlocks the power of lean. More »
Why We Believe Questions Accelerate Learning
By: Lean Sensei Women | March 8, 2021
The key to achieving better outcomes over time is to develop the vital skill of asking questions designed to spur critical thinking, argue the Lean Sensei Women in this article. More »
Bad People or A Bad Process?
By: James P. Womack | March 1, 2021
Standing in a nightmare of a line at the airport prompted Jim Womack to reflect on this problem, and conclude that this was indeed a case of a very bad process rather than any random bad person. More »
Steady Work Shares Practical Ways to Create Quality Enterprise For All
By: Lean Leaper | February 24, 2021
Karen Gaudet's Steady Work is the story of a leader helping teams develop steady work to help them get through normal days just a little better and help make the worst day ever just a little bit bearable. Here's a taste of the many lean insights captured in this book. More »
Exploring the Continued Relevance of Lean, A Best of Podcast
By: Lean Leaper | February 22, 2021
Lean offers a powerful and productive approach to today's problems, both large and small. This "best-of" podcast featuring talks with leading thinkers offers advice and insights on this productive approach. More »
Building A Diverse and Capable Workforce from The Bottom Up
By: Mark Reich and Adrienne Trimble | February 2, 2021
LEI's Mark Reich and NMSDC's Adrienne Trimble argue that integrating a lean philosophy into operations and standards seems to be a natural fit for NMSDC’s MBE community, which is using lean practices to be more innovative and responsive to customers. More »
Lead With Respect Shares Tangible Practices That Develop Others, Says Author Michael Balle
By: Michael Ballé | January 27, 2021
Michael and Freddy Balle's book Lead With Respect portrays on-the-job behaviors of lean leaders which can be learned through practice. Michael explains how these can help fulfill the promise of lean by aligning the company’s success to individual fulfillment. More »
Tips for Following Through on Improvement Plan Execution
By: David Verble | January 13, 2021
There is a critical difference between follow-through and follow-up during the A3 problem-solving process as David Verble, a veteran lean management coach with 30+ years of hands-on experience with A3s, explains. More »
How to Engage Everyone to Create a “Continuous Innovation Machine”
By: Jim Morgan | January 12, 2021
In a presentation to hundreds of engineers at a Fortune 100 manufacturer, Jim Morgan, an engineering PhD and former product development executive, explained what distinguishes Lean Product and Process Development (LPPD) from traditional methods of innovation. Morgan, who now is senior LPPD advisor at the nonprofit Lean Enterprise Institute, cited which of LPPD's three elements was paramount. More »
Develop Your People Patiently Rather Than Rely on Super Taylorism
By: Rose Heathcote, Daryl Powell and Eivind Reke | January 11, 2021
Lean starts with quality, argue the authors, who note that by worrying about and improving quality, we are also reducing both the cost of our misconceptions and our product's actual cost -- by developing our people. More »
How Cascading A3s Deploy Responsibility to Think as Well as Assign KPIs
By: David Verble | January 7, 2021
During a recent virtual workshop on how to use the A3 problem-solving methodology, a CEO asked how to cascade A3s down through every level of the company to link specific initiatives and strategic goals. Below is the answer from workshop instructor David Verble, during a follow-up conversation with the CEO and the company’s organizational development vice president. More »
Standardized Work is a Goal To Work Toward, Not a Tool to Implement
By: Jeffrey Liker | January 5, 2021
Standardized work can be an ugly thing in the hands of control-oriented bureaucrats and a beautiful thing when it enables creativity and continuous improvement, says Jeff Liker, adding that enabling bureaucracy takes more effort, but it is worth it. More »
Are You Deploying Lean Mechanistically--or Organically?
By: Jeffrey Liker | December 7, 2020
Toyota operates on a complete system based on organic rather than mechanistic principles, argues Jeff Liker, who delineates the advantages of this approach. More »
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