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The Impact of Social Distancing on Assembly Operations
By: John Y. Shook | April 1, 2020
Take a deep-dive look at how GE Appliances and Herman Miller are working on designing a safe work environment for production employeesduring the Covid-19 pandemic. More »
Preventing Problems by Thinking Upstream: A Talk with Dan Heath
By: Tom Ehrenfeld | March 23, 2020
Tune in to the LEI podcast to catch a conversation with Dan Heath on his new book Upstream, which urges people to address problems before they happen rather than tackle them after the fact--in "fire fighting" mode. More »
7 Elements of Quality on the Shop Floor
By: Andrew Quibell | November 28, 2017
"How do you lean out a quality approach that can work on the shop floor (maybe even compatible in a healthcare environment as well)?" people often ask Andrew Quibell. "How does it look? What should you include?" Read more. More »
When to Pull the Andon
By: Kelly Moore | August 1, 2017
Lost luggage is a traveler's nightmare. But for Kelly Moore, the nightmare got worse when her airline's baggage attendant couldn't pull the andon -- an action that could have fixed the problem on the spot. Kelly now reflects on this incident and how it made her reconsider the efficacy of her organization's andon systems. More »
The Story of an Error
By: Orest (Orry) Fiume | July 13, 2017
As a followup to his popular article from earlier this summer about lean profit-sharing plans, Orry Fiume delves deeper. He shares a booklet that McKesson & Robbins Inc. once used to educate its employees on practices that hurt profits (and by extension, the sharing plans that distribute said profits). Read more. More »
How can I keep our lean management effort from becoming bureaucratic?
By: Ballé, Michael | June 14, 2016
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Dear Gemba Coach: Isn’t there a risk that all these lean tools in the workplace turn into yet more bureaucracy? More »
Such a Fine Line Between Stupid and Clever
By: Tom Ehrenfeld | June 23, 2013
Lean thinking, principles, and experiments show up everywhere and make a real difference, sometimes in places you'd least expect. More »
A Fundamental Question
By: John Shook | December 21, 2010
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As I continue to visit your gemba and receive emails (over 500 and counting since I started in September), I am asked many questions. And I ask many in return. I respond to most questions with a question for two reasons: because that's the way I was taught, and because I have found it to be an effective way to facilitate learning. More »