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Product Development Is Where to Cut Carbon Emissions; Here's How
By: Katrina Appell | August 21, 2019
Consumers want products updated more frequently, which is great for consumers and business but not so great for the environment because a third of man-made carbon emissions come from production processes, notes Katrina Appell, PhD, who explains how product developers can balance these competing forces. More »
Getting the Right Product Right, and Other Product Development Trends
By: John Drogosz | September 4, 2019
As a lean product and process development coach John Drogosz, PhD, works closely with companies in a variety of industries that are redesigning development systems to consistently design and deliver a progression of market-leading products and services. He took a time out at the annual Designing the Future Summit to talk about the product development trends he is seeing. More »
Not So Simple: Pioneering Lean Product Development
By: Jean Cunningham | April 24, 2019
Jean Cunningham, LEI’s executive chair, offers lessons from her time as CFO of lean management pioneer Lantech when it successfully deployed lean principles to product development to accelerate growth, cut new product lead time, and increase profits. More »
What is Lean Process & Product Development (LPPD)? Animation
July 25, 2018
Videos and Webinars
In this brief animation Jim Morgan explains just what LPPD is. More »
How Obeya Improved Our Product Development Efforts
By: Andy Houk | August 15, 2017
As a followup to John Drogosz's piece on the stages of obeya from last week, Andy Houk, a client of John's at TechnipFMC, discusses how an obeya room that John helped them set up affects their work today. More »
Enabling Fast and Innovative Product Development at Bose
By: Katrina Appell | April 11, 2017
Bringing products to market as quickly as possible is a key cornerstone of lean product and process development. With this in mind, Massachusetts-based audio-equipment maker Bose Corporation created a Rapid Prototype Development Center to improve collaboration, creativity, engagement, and ideation-to-market times. LPPD coach Katrina Appell now shares the secrets of the RPDC in this new case study More »
Orchestrating Your Product Development Process with Milestones
By: Jim Morgan | August 25, 2016
"Effective milestones are an important part of a company’s development process, especially in today’s era of team-based sprints and stand-ups," writes Jim Morgan. "Yet many companies struggle to successfully create and employ milestones; and some don’t even understand their relevance beyond updating senior leadership.  " Read more. More »
Value Stream Mapping in a Product Development Context: A Q&A with John Drogosz
By: John Drogosz | April 5, 2016
Lean Product and Process Development Senior Coach John Drogosz answers countless questions about LPPD every day. Now, in his first piece for the Lean Post, he answers one of his most-asked questions: about how to create a value stream map for a PD environment. Read more. More »
How do you introduce visual management into a product development facility?
By: Ballé, Michael | December 21, 2015
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach: What steps do you start with to introduce visual management into a product development facility? More »
Lean Product Development at Cathedral Hill Hospital
By: Baris Lostuvali | July 22, 2015
Read Baris Lostuvali's case study on bringing LPPD to the Cathedral Hill Hospital in San Francisco. More »
Value Stream Mapping and Obeya: Key Enablers for Better Product Development
By: Katrina Appell | July 1, 2015
For an organization to be continually relevant and profitable, it needs to develop products and processes that consistently create value. But how exactly do you create the required organizational capabilities and supporting leadership behaviors? Read more. More »
Jim Morgan on What It Takes to Transform An Organization's Product Development System
By: Lex Schroeder | November 5, 2014
Jim Morgan, Senior Advisor for Product and Process Development at LEI, shares his view of what's required for organizations to rethink and revitalize their product development systems in his most recent interview with Planet Lean. More »
Frontloading Product Development
By: Durward Sobek | October 3, 2014
Anyone in product development is familiar with the agony of late-stage changes, sometimes called loopbacks. The common advice to head off this problem is to “frontload” the product development process. But what does frontload mean? Durward Sobek explains. More »
Lean Product Development is About Thinking Horizontally in a Vertical World
By: Lex Schroeder | September 24, 2014
Check out the blog from Day 2 of the Lean Product and Process Development Exchange (North America) conference in Durham, North Carolina. Excerpts from Jim Womack's keynote and more. More »
John Drogosz on Product Development
By: John Drogosz | February 1, 2014
John Drogosz gives a talk on lean product development from the University of Michigan. More »
How do we get started with lean tools in new product development?
By: Ballé, Michael | March 8, 2013
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach: My company already has a deep rooted lean culture.    However, it would seem that the next evolution would be in my department, Research & Development.    Do you have any suggestions on how to take lean tools from process improvements such as kaizen, 5S, etc. to new product development? More »
Lean Product Development and Engineering at Ford
By: Marchwinski, Chet | January 22, 2011
James Morgan, director, Global Body Exterior and Stamping Business Unit Engineering, Ford Motor Company, explains how he got skeptical engineers behind the lean transformation in product development. Morgan delivered a plenary presentation on the topic of lean in engineering and product development during the 2011 Lean Transformation Summit. More »
Lean Product Development: Delivering New Products, Faster and Better
Many companies have applied lean thinking to manufacturing or service processes, and some have even honed focus by applying the standard tools and methods to additional organizational functions. But true lean leaders realize that their enterprise cannot thrive in the current environment of rapid change and unpredictable economics by focusing only on efficiency More »
Designing the Future: A Lean Product Development Immersive Learning Experience
This two day workshop is targeted towards practitioners with an immersive experience applying LPPD principles while developing a product. Since LPPD is an enterprise activity, managers, leaders and continuous improvement agents in an organization are encouraged to attend. More »
Designing the Future Remotely: A Lean Product Development Immersive Learning Experience
Join us for a 6-day learning experience and learn how to deliver products or services customers want, fast. More »
How Designing Value Streams, Not Just Products, Creates Competitive Advantage
By: Jim Morgan | July 30, 2021
TechnipFMC and Pella Corporation leaders describe how lean development practices helped them develop better products, create profitable value streams and strengthen development teams. More »
Contributor's Corner: Learning with 10X Speed at US Synthetic
By: Ken Bertagnolli | June 2, 2021
Making learning and knowledge reuse part of the work accelerates product and process development -- and helps keep you ahead of the competition, asserts Ken Bertagnolli, the VP of R&D at US Synthetic. More »
How to Save Time and Money in Innovation by Reusing Knowledge
By: Jim Morgan | May 27, 2021
Massive books of knowledge or huge lists weren’t very effective ways of getting the engineers he managed to reuse knowledge, notes Jim Morgan, PhD, a product development executive and author. In a Q&A with engineers, he offers tips on a better way: build current knowledge right into the work engineers do. More »
Focus Your Operating System to Bring Your Strategy to Life
By: Jim Morgan | May 3, 2021
An effective operating system brings strategy to life, argues Jim Morgan. He notes how it synchronizes critical activities, enables the organization to respond quickly to a changing environment and allows plans and teams to move together. More »
How the Study Phase Helps You Create More Value for Your Customers and Less Drama for Your Development Teams
By: John Drogosz | April 15, 2021
A product development team volunteered to pilot applying lean product and process development principles -- and discovered how critical "understanding before you execute" is to a project's success. More »
Meeting the 19-Billion-Dose Challenge
By: Matt Zayko | April 14, 2021
What does it take to meet the historic challenge of rapidly increasing the annual global vaccine capacity from 5 billion to 19 billion doses? And how could lean thinking help? More »
Coach's Corner: The Four Critical Elements of Collaboration
By: Eric Ethington | April 7, 2021
The building blocks of purpose, process, and more lead to effective collaboration, as Eric Ethington highlights these fundamental elements and the benefits of their implementation. More »
A Variety of Perspectives is Good For Your Products
By: Kevin Nolan | March 31, 2021
The best product development teams attract, promote, and celebrate diversity of thought, asserts Kevin Nolan, president & CEO of GE Appliances, A Haier Company. More »
Development is a Team Sport
By: Jim Morgan | March 26, 2021
Experts and executives join Jim Morgan in explaining how collaboration is vital to new product, process, and services development. Plus, they offer specific ways you can enable and strengthen cooperation between your work teams. More »
Pi Day: Exploring the Intersection of Science and Dessert
By: Eric Ethington | March 11, 2021
In recognition of Pi Day, think about how you might inspire future generations to pursue careers in science and technology fields, suggests Eric Ethington, program director, LPPD, at the Lean Enterprise Institute. More »
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