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Exploring the Technical and Nontechnical Challenges of Being a Chief Engineer, A Candid Conversation with Two CEs
By: Chet Marchwinski | May 31, 2020
Chief engineers typically have strong technical skills to effectively lead and manage the work of engineers, designers, and other developers. But perhaps their greatest talent needs to be nontechnical, an observation that emerged in this interview with two chief engineers from TechnipFMC, conducted by LEI Communications Director Chet Marchwinski at last year’s Designing the Future Summit. More »
Smitten Engineers or Love at First Sight of a Solution?
By: Chet Marchwinski and Tyler Schilling | October 4, 2019
Entrepreneur Tyler Schilling has felt the pain of engineering heartbreak – falling in love early with a solution only to realize later in the project that the idea you are wedded to is fundamentally flawed. The cure for developing an early crush on solutions is set-based design but implementing it takes a change in company culture, as he explains in this candid iterview. More »
Getting the Right Product Right, and Other Product Development Trends
By: John Drogosz | September 4, 2019
As a lean product and process development coach John Drogosz, PhD, works closely with companies in a variety of industries that are redesigning development systems to consistently design and deliver a progression of market-leading products and services. He took a time out at the annual Designing the Future Summit to talk about the product development trends he is seeing. More »
Cutting Carbon Emissions and Product Costs Through Lean Product and Process Development
By: Katrina Appell | May 1, 2019
As the need to reduce carbon emissions becomes clearer, the need to understand the impact and consciously consider it during the design phase is ever more important, argues Katrina Appel. Lean Product and Process Development (LPPD) principles, methodologies, and management behaviors are a system that enables the environmental impact of the entire product life-cycle to be consciously considered in the design phase. More »
Is value engineering just about cutting costs?
By: Michael Ballé | March 4, 2019
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach,  My boss has hired a consultant to do value engineering, who has us looking for design opportunities to reduce the costs of components and materials – is that it? More »
LPPD Under the Sea: Efficient Product Design with Subsea 2.0
By: Jeffrey Liker and Jim Morgan | December 4, 2018
In this excerpt from the new book Designing the Future, authors Jim Morgan and Jeff Liker share the case study of TechnipFMC's work on a new seafloor production system that realized tremendous gains through applying LPPD principles More »
An Innovative Framework for Designing Better Products and Services – and a Better Future
By: Chet Marchwinski and Jim Morgan | December 3, 2018
Because of the enormous “shadow” it casts over the entire enterprise for years, product development literally designs the future of companies, employees, customers, and suppliers. In this Q&A, product development expert Jim Morgan, co-author of Designing the Future, describes a fundamentally different – and much better – way to develop new products and services. More »
2019 Designing the Future Summit
September 26, 2018
2019 Designing the Future Summit. June 27-28, 2019 - Traverse City, Michigan. A unique event for designers, product, process, and quality engineers, supply chain professionals, and development leaders as well as thought leaders to come together, learn from each other. More »
2018 Designing the Future Summit
January 25, 2018
2018 Designing the Future Summit. June 19-20, 2018 - Traverse City, Michigan. A unique event for designers, product, process, and quality engineers, supply chain professionals, and development leaders as well as thought leaders to come together, learn from each other. More »
What Do I Tell My Leaders When Experiments Fail?
By: John Drogosz | August 23, 2016
When experiments fail, it's natural for a leadership team to get nervous. But in the context of lean, they shouldn't be - it's just a matter of managing their expectations and helping them understand that a "failure" is actually a blessing in disguise. John Drogosz explains how to do this. More »
Management On the Mend / On the Mend (2-book set)
By: John Toussaint, MD and Roger Gerard | June 3, 2015
On the MendIn On the Mend: Revolutionizing Healthcare to Save Lives and Transform the Industry John Toussaint, MD, former CEO of ThedaCare, and Roger A. Gerard, PhD, its chief learning officer, candidly describe the triumphs and stumbles of a seven-year journey to lean healthcare, an effort that continues today and that has slashed medical errors, improved patient outcomes, raised staff morale, and saved $27 million dollars in costs without layoffs. Find out:How lean techniques of value-stream-mapping and rapid improvement events cut the average “door-to-balloon” time for heart attack patients at two hospitals from 90 minutes to 37.  What ThedaCare leaders did to More »
Frontloading Product Development
By: Durward Sobek | October 3, 2014
Anyone in product development is familiar with the agony of late-stage changes, sometimes called loopbacks. The common advice to head off this problem is to “frontload” the product development process. But what does frontload mean? Durward Sobek explains. More »
The Designer's Dilemma
By: Durward Sobek | September 23, 2014
Durward Sobek unpacks the "designer’s dilemma"—the situation wherein you have the MOST freedom to make decisions when you know the LEAST about the problem. Learn how set-based innovation and trade off curves can help. More »
Learning to See / Seeing the Whole Value Stream Set
By: Dan Jones, Mike Rother, John Shook, Jim Womack | October 25, 2011
This is a special discounted combination package of the classics Learning to See and Seeing the Whole Value Stream. More »
LEI Workbook Set
By: various | October 25, 2011
A complete set of the LEI workbooks. More »
Lean Thinking for a Flat World
By: Womack, Jim | May 22, 2007
a 2007 presentation by Jim Womack to the Institute of Industrial Engineers More »
Lean Development
By: Ballé, Freddy and Michael Ballé | October 1, 2005
 Freddy and Michael Ballé, co-authors of the lean novel The Gold Mine, pull together their experiences with Toyota suppliers, contacts with Toyota engineers, and existing research to discern the four keys to the company's product development system and how it has evolved in recent years. More »
The Beginner’s Guide To Lean
By: Jones, Dan | December 1, 2003
Dan Jones, chairman of the Lean Enterprise Academy and coauthor of Lean Thinking, explains that the challenge of lean is to advance beyond eliminating waste in broken processes to creating brilliant processes. He offers advice, based on the history of the lean movement, on how to begin creating brilliant processes. More »
Creating Continuous Flow / Making Materials Flow Set
By: Rick Harris, Mike Rother, et al. | September 15, 2003
 Buy the two workbooks on flow together and save 15%. Continuous flow cells need a lean material-handling system to supply them with purchased parts. The concepts, formulas, and finer points of how to implement and link these two important tools are all in this special set. Creating Continuous Flow explains in detail how to implement truly continuous flow in cellularized operations. Making Materials Flow walks you through the next step by explaining the specifics of supplying purchased parts to cells in order to support continuous flow. More »
Jim Womack on how lean compares with Six Sigma, Re-engineering, TOC, TPM, etc., etc.
By: Womack, Jim | July 14, 2003
Columns; eLetters
 It amazes me, but I still get lots of questions about how “lean” compares with Six Sigma, Total Productive Maintenance, Business Process Re-engineering, Demand-Flow, the Theory of Constraints, and other approaches to improvement.    And I always give the same answer: At the end of the day we are all trying to achieve the same thing: The perfect value stream.    Here’s how I think about it:To create value for the customer – which I hope we agree is how we should be earning our living – a series of steps must be conducted properly in the proper sequence.    More »
Learning to See / Creating Continuous Flow Set
By: Mike Rother, John Shook, and Rick Harris | June 3, 2003
Buy LEI's first two workbooks together and save 15%. Learning to See, a key initial step in a lean conversion, teaches you the value-stream perspective that is fundamental to lean and the effective use of lean tools. Creating Continuous Flow, the follow-up workbook, zooms in from the dock-to-dock value-stream perpective to the cell level to help you achieve true continuous flow at your critical pacemaker process. More »
Getting Back to Basics
By: Womack, Jim | March 19, 2002
Columns; eLetters
I recently had a request from a Detroit newspaper to write a brief piece for the Motor Show on how American car companies can get turned in the right direction. In reading it over, I realized that my advice would be the same for any company in any industry in any country, so I thought I would pass it along. If you are not in automotive, just substitute your industry and product whenever you see "automotive", "cars", etc. We're Back to Basics. So.  ..  What Are the Basics? In every economic boom, American car companies forget what they really are and More »
Role of Management in a Lean Manufacturing Environment
By: Convis, Gary | July 2, 2001
Gary Convis, president, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, explains that the critical role of management in a lean company is to motivate and engage large numbers of people to work together toward a common goal. Defining and explaining the goal, how to achieve it, and helping people achieve it by removing obstacles "are management's reason for being," he tells SAE International. More »
VSM Getting Started Set
By: Lean Enterprise Institute, Mike Rother, John Shook
Books; Training Packages
We’ve combined 4 of our most popular products into 1 good deal on the essential materials for value-stream mapping. More »
Lean Warehousing and Distribution Operations: Gemba-Based Workshop
Learn how to begin implementing lean principles step-by-step into a warehouse and/or distribution center, using techniques such as lean storage, operational diagramming, standardized work, workload planning, and visual management. More »
Go and See the Lean Supply Chain: Gemba-Based Workshop
This two-day workshop is part of our new series of special programs which combine classroom learning with practical experience at the gemba. The workshop is conducted at the LeanCor Supply Chain Group Operational Center in Florence, Kentucky to allow the program attendees to see firsthand how lean principles are applied to logistics and supply chain processes in order to create an extended lean enterprise. It defines logistics and supply chain management and discusses what organizations need to do to successfully implement lean in order to build a Lean Supply Stream. More »
The Gold Mine Trilogy 4 Book Set
By: Michael Ballé and Freddy Ballé
Save $40 when you buy this as a set! ($115 total when books are purchased separately)This 4 Book Set includes:The Gold Mine deftly weaves together the technical and human pieces of implementing lean manufacturing in an engaging story that readers will find both compelling and instructive.  The Lean Manager: A Novel of Lean Transformation reveals how individuals can go beyond the short-term gains from tools, and realize a deeper, sustainable path of improvement.  Lead With Respect, Learn the true power of lean: developing people through a rigorous application of proven tools and methods. And, in the process, creating the only sustainable source More »
Value-Stream Mapping for Manufacturing: Gemba-Based Workshop
This workshop, now offered live for the first time, shows you how to create and apply this fundamental and critical tool, based on Lean Enterprise Institute's groundbreaking VSM workbook, Learning to See, which has introduced the mapping tool to thousands around the world More »
Value-Stream Mapping: Gemba Based Workshop
This workshop, now offered live for the first time, shows you how to create and apply this fundamental and critical tool, based on Lean Enterprise Institute's groundbreaking VSM workbook, Learning to See, which has introduced the mapping tool to thousands around the world. More »
Follow the Learner Set
This 2 Book FTL Set includes:The Lean Bakery: Removing Waste to Get Closer to Your Customer.   This story is about a real world problem solving and lean thinking by the owners of a successful bakery and cafe business in Barcelona, Spain. They supply over 100 cafés daily with freshly baked bread and products, from a small 7,000 sq. ft. factory.  The Lean Dentist: Establishing One-Piece Flow in Patient Treatment. Dr. Sami Bahri describes how he and the staff in his dental practice transformed their work with lean thinking, and moved from a traditional batch-and-queue approach to using flow to meet More »
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