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Lean Impact: How to Innovate for Radically Greater Social Good
By: Ann Mei Chang | October 30, 2018
Despite enormous investments of time and money, are we making a dent on the social and environmental challenges of our time? What if we could exponentially increase our impact?Around the world, a new generation is looking beyond greater profits, for meaningful purpose. But, unlike business, few social interventions have achieved significant impact at scale. Inspired by the modern innovation practices popularized by bestseller The Lean Startup that have fueled technology breakthroughs touching every aspect of our lives, LEAN IMPACT turns our attention to a new goal--achieving radically greater social good.   Social change is far more complicated than building a new app. It requires more More »
Why Creating Better Jobs and Improving Work Matters
By: Lean Leaper | July 16, 2021
How improving your work environment is vital to improved business outcomes. More »
WLEI: Creating Better Jobs and Better Work: A Podcast with Josh Howell and Sarah Kalloch
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | June 28, 2021
As we slowly emerge from the long pandemic, LEI and colleagues like the Good Jobs Institute are deeply committed to helping produce decent jobs. In this conversation, LEI President Josh Howell spoke with Executive Director Sarah Kalloch of the Good Jobs Institute about ways they are both working to help foster good work. WLEI Host Tom Ehrenfeld moderated this conversation.  Download a transcript of the conversation here.     More »
Creating Better Jobs and Better Work: A WLEI Podcast with Josh Howell and Sarah Kalloch
June 1, 2021
As we slowly emerge from the long pandemic, LEI and colleagues like the Good Jobs Institute are deeply committed to helping produce decent jobs. In this conversation LEI LEI President Josh Howell spoke with Executive Director Sarah Kalloch of the Good Jobs Institute about ways they are both working to help foster good work. WLEI Host Tom Ehrenfeld moderated this conversation. More »
How Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Teaching Embodies Lean Thinking
By: Christopher D. Chapman | February 23, 2021
What can we learn about lean thinking from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  ? Christopher D. Chapman explains. More »
Exploring the Continued Relevance of Lean, A Best of Podcast
By: Lean Leaper | February 22, 2021
Lean offers a powerful and productive approach to today's problems, both large and small. This "best-of" podcast featuring talks with leading thinkers offers advice and insights on this productive approach. More »
A Variety of Perspectives is Good for your Products
By: Kevin Nolan | February 15, 2021
Why your team's diversity of thought improves your product development process. More »
Make Using Lean Thinking to Help Solve Societal Problems Your New Year’s Resolution
By: Christopher D. Chapman | January 4, 2021
The nation needs lean thinkers and practitioners to apply their problem-solving prowess to address issues of national concern. More »
Turn To Lean in Times of Crisis
By: Lean Leaper | October 12, 2020
Lean thinkers need new tools and new mindsets to face today's daunting challenges, argues Jim Womack, who shares examples of how this has sparked great historical lean "leaps.  " More »
Lean Health Care Tips for Covid-19 (from Planet Lean)
By: Lean Leaper | April 7, 2020
In this excellent Planet Lean article, a team of lean healthcare experts share helpful tips and principles for tackling More »
Recommended Reading: Immunity, from Planet Lean
By: Lean Leaper | April 3, 2020
Please read the Planet Lean article Immunity for a detailed primer on how Italian manufacturer FPZ applied lean principles when tackling a host of problems posed by the current pandemic. More »
Lean and "emotional heijunka" in a Time of Pandemic
By: James P. Womack | April 1, 2020
In this timely reflection, Jim Womack calls for "emotional heijunka": taking a deep breath, identifying the most important problems that must be addressed in a given process, and screening out the emotional inputs we are bombarded with so that we don't get into the dumps or soar with false euphoria. More »
The Impact of Social Distancing on Assembly Operations
By: John Y. Shook | April 1, 2020
Take a deep-dive look at how GE Appliances and Herman Miller are working on designing a safe work environment for production employeesduring the Covid-19 pandemic. More »
Why (and How) We Believe Lean Can Help During Covid-19
By: Lean Sensei Women | March 20, 2020
As Lean Sensei Women, we have put together some relevant lean suggestions and ideas for your organization to use (and of course, you can apply many of them at home as well) in response to Covid-19. They’re simple and easy, can be implemented quickly, and are all based on our lean principles of respect for humanity and continuous improvement. More »
How Lean Can Help Deliver Social Justice While Boosting Quality Health Care
By: Alice Lee and Kiame Mahaniah, MD | January 20, 2020
In this podcast, developed from a talk at the 2018 Lean Transformation Summit learn how the Lynn Community Health Center is building successors by turning a recent leadership transition into a catalyst for improvement. More »
Can a manufacturer use lean management to advance its environmental and social sustainability strategy?
By: Michael Ballé | December 30, 2019
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach: Can a manufacturer use lean to advance its environmental and social sustainability strategy? More »
The Power of Inspiration
By: Paige Henry | October 23, 2019
Lean thinker Paige Henry shares a call to action: let’s get our leaders and people to realize “it’s about the think” to prevent problems happening in the first place, and when they do, that we need to enable them to think of multiple countermeasures rather than going with the solution that “they’ve seen/used a million times before.  ” More »
Rebuilding Homes and Disaster Recovery Processes
By: Zack Rosenburg | May 15, 2019
When Liz McCartney and Zack Rosenburg left their careers to help desperate victims of Hurricane Katrina rebuild, they knew nothing about construction or lean management. Today, SBP, the disaster recovery nonprofit they founded, has cut rebuilding time by nearly 50% using lean concepts. Zack talks to LEI about the remarkable new recovery model they developed and detail in their new book, Getting Home. More »
How to Scale Up Positive Social Change
By: Ann Mei Chang | May 13, 2019
Far more households globally have access to a mobile phone than a toilet, notes Ann Mei Chang, a tech executive turned social innovator and author. And that’s despite the time and money spent for years by hundreds of nonprofits, social organizations, companies, and government agencies. Listen as she explains her radical idea of taking the scientific method she learned in tech and the lean startup movement to create radically great social good at scale. More »
We get good results with kaizen, but why don't they stick?
By: Michael Ballé | December 17, 2018
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach: Our teams have good results with kaizen, but nothing seems to stick for long – any advice? More »
How to Engage Employees Through Creativity
By: Nicole Hudson | October 17, 2018
Is your company or department struggling to engage employees? Then learn from LifeWay Christian Resources, which moved away from a top-down, tool-oriented approach to continuous improvement training to a focus on engaging and developing people with thematic events and instruction. More »
Workers Unite for Better
By: Josh Howell | October 8, 2018
The local strike by hospitality workers in Boston has led Josh Howell to contrast this situation with the lean culture at Dreamplace Hotels and Resorts in Tenerife, where front-line workers produce and socialize beautifully messy A3-sized papers sharing ideas for improvements. More »
Why don't I see any significant performance improvement from obeya rooms?
By: Michael Ballè | May 22, 2018
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach: We’ve deployed obeyas all across our organization, but I can’t see any significant improvement in our results. We can better see which teams perform and which don’t, but the good teams stay good and the poor ones poor and I’m not sure the increased performance is worth the effort. Are we doing something wrong? More »
Fighting Poverty with Lean Product & Process Design at MIT D-Lab
By: Lean Leaper | April 24, 2018
D-Lab at MIT is using lean product and process design to help solve problems in the developing world, and are truly making the world a better place for all those involved More »
How Do I Tell Good Obeya Rooms From Bad?
By: Michael Ballé | January 3, 2018
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach: Obeyas are popping up everywhere in our organization, and I don’t know what to look for to distinguish good from bad obeyas. More »
A (Work) Pie in the Face to All Bad Jobs
By: John Shook | December 12, 2017
Want Better Employees? Be a Better Employer More »
Want Better Employees? Be a Better Employer.
By: John Shook | December 7, 2017
Columns; eLetters
Every nation in the world is on a quest to create more jobs. As they should be. But, we don’t want just “jobs.  ” We want good jobs. Our friend Zeynep Ton offers a prescription for good jobs. Ton, MIT professor and author of the Good Jobs Strategy, has seen jobs from many angles. More »
Organization Follows a Lean-like Vision for Eradicating Poverty
By: Jacob Stoller | December 5, 2017
Meet the anti-poverty movement's Taiichi Ohno. More »
How do we ensure sustainability of a successful lean effort?
By: Michael Ballè | October 25, 2017
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach: We used training and workshops to roll out a lean program with good early results – what do we need to do to ensure sustainability? More »
SBP Has a Helping Hand in Hurricane Harvey
By: Zack Rosenburg | August 31, 2017
Learn how SBP (formerly Saint Bernard Project) is using lean to help victims of Hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters -- plus what you can do to help! More »
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