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From the Lean Lexicon 5th Edition:

Strategy Deployment:   A management process that aligns—both vertically and horizontally —an organization’s functions and activities with its strategic objectives. A specific plan—typically annual—is developed with precise goals, actions, timelines, responsibilities, and measures.  The example A3 below shows the strategy of a finance department director for returning a company to profitability (Dennis 2006, p.  103). The Performance box in the upper left corner illustrates that the company missed its revenue and EBIT targets the previous year. It also shows inventory levels because the director considers it to be the company’s biggest waste and a serious drag on cash flow. The “R” for “red” More »
White Paper: Strategy Deployment
By: ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value | May 7, 2011
A new whitepaper from the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value tells the story of the "strategy deployment" management method at three healthcare organizations: ThedaCare, Group Health, and St. Boniface Hospital. All three are members of the Healthcare Value Leaders Network.  Strategy deployment is also the focus of a new DVD titled "Thinking Lean at ThedaCare: Strategy Deployment.  "From the paper:Strategy deployment is a management process that helps executives to focus and align their organizations around the most important goals. Goals and plans are cascaded down and up in an organization — senior leadership to middle management to frontline staff and More »
Strategy Deployment at The Lean Enterprise Institute
By: Chet Marchwinski and Jikku Mohan | April 10, 2015
Is your organization “chasing too many rabbits?” It’s a tendency too many companies have of annually setting more strategic objectives than they can possibly implement successfully. This “chase” results in delays, discouragement, and the diversion of resources from activities that should and can be accomplished. How do you deselect “rabbits” and lead your team to effectively deliver on strategy? Jikku Mohan explains. More »
Strategy Deployment In Action: One Executive's Perspective - Follow up Q & A
By: Dennis, Pascal and David Brule | June 3, 2009
Articles; Videos and Webinars
Webinar presenters David Brule and Pascal Dennis answer questions from their webinar about strategy deployment on March 12, 2009. More »
By: By Gerd Aulinger, Mike Rother & Mark Rosenthal | March 3, 2013
This SlideShare is almost equivalent to a workbook. Download it, study it, and discover how your organization can (finally) achieve Strategy Deployment. More »
Thinking Lean at Thedacare: Strategy Deployment (DVD)
May 2, 2011
Books; Videos and Webinars
This DVD illustrates ThedaCare’s strategy deployment method: how the true north metrics were developed and translated to different departments, and how leaders at all levels of the organization use visual boards to track metrics related to the true north objectives. Any organization that wants to understand how to align their strategic goals can find important lessons in this DVD. More »
Getting the Right Things Done (Introduction)
By: Dennis, Pascal | December 11, 2006
What is strategy deployment—and why should you care? Within Toyota it’s known as hoshin kanri,1 the planning and execution system that has guided the development of the world’s most powerful production system. At Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada plant in Cambridge, Ontario, strategy deployment steered us through the chaos and stress of continual expansion. In 10 years we grew from a cornfield to a 3,000-person company making 230,000 cars per year.   Read the rest of the Introduction. More »
A Body Needs Skeleton and Muscle to Work
By: Mark Reich | June 5, 2014
How do you create alignment across the organization when you have separate departments, value streams, and executives with conflicting priorities? Hoshin kanri. Mark Reich explains. More »
Developing and Cascading Hoshin Kanri Directional Management KPI's
This 2 day workshop will take a deep dive into helping clarify the relationship of Hoshin Kanri directional management planning to A3 problem solving within each level of the organization (vertically and horizontally) ensuring all of the functional areas begin to see through the same continuous improvement lens. More »
Experimenting with LEI's Transformation Model
By: Josh Howell | February 13, 2015
Josh Howell, senior coach at LEI, reflects on LEI's Lean Transformation Model. "We set out to better understand the model, its value, and its usefulness," he writes. "We did this by trying to incorporate it into everything that we do and through experimenting with you, our customers.  " More »
Getting the Right Things Done (Author Q&A)
By: Dennis, Pascal | December 11, 2006
A transcript of an interview with Pascal Dennis, author of Getting the Right Things Done: A Leader’s Guide to Planning and Execution.  Q: What is Strategy Deployment?A: Strategy deployment is a planning and execution system, refined by companies like Toyota, but essentially invented and developed in North America by people like Peter Drucker and Joe (Joseph) Juran.  Read the rest of the Q&A. More »
Hoshin at LEI: Connecting More Closely with Our Customer
By: Mark Reich | February 5, 2015
Whether you’re deploying hoshin in a small nonprofit or a huge organization, the struggles are the same," writes LEI Senior Coach Mark Reich. "How do you create alignment? How do you get team members more actively engaged with the work? How do you people to think about the customer and the 'why' behind the problems he/she is trying to solve?" More »
Hoshin Kanri - Aligning Your Organizational Objectives
This workshop will help leaders understand Policy Deployment as a process for "de-selecting" initiatives down to the ones the organization can really achieve while aligning them with company strategic objectives and deploying them down through the organizational ranks. More »
Hoshin Kanri Remotely - Aligning and Executing on Your Organizational Objectives
How to get your team rowing together! This workshop will help leaders understand Policy Deployment as a process for "de-selecting" initiatives down to the ones the organization can really achieve while aligning them with company strategic objectives and deploying them down through the organizational ranks. More »
How Hoshin Kanri Aligns Your Key Organizational Systems
By: Mark Reich | October 16, 2019
Think of hoshin (strategy alignment) like the human body, argues Mark Reich: The body needs a strong skeletal structure (hoshin) to hold it together (just like an organization). But a body can’t move effectively if its muscles (continuous improvement) are not kept active and developed as well. More »
Leadership and Having an Effective Plan
By: Andrew Quibell | July 16, 2018
You wouldn’t want to be known as a source of “fake news” but are you practicing More »
Lean Fitness: The Individual vs. the Organization
By: Dan Markovitz | October 1, 2015
"For both the individual and the organization, the problem is the same," writes Dan Markovitz. "There may be a stated goal—lose 15 pounds, improve muscle tone—but there’s often no clearly defined program to reach that fitness goal. Or even if there is a program, it may simply be a fad that promises huge results with minimal effort: think vibrating belts, Thighmasters, 8 Minute Abs, and the latest diet pills.  " More »
Lean Roundup: Hoshin Kanri
By: Tom Ehrenfeld | July 2, 2020
Hoshin Kanri, described as "a management system that allows the organization to quickly and effectively adjust its priorities while engaging the team," has been the subject of numerous articles and an upcoming online class. Tom Ehrenfeld compiles a roundup of some great articles which share the practice and promise of Hoshin. More »
Make Broccoli (Or Lean) Taste Better Through Experiments
By: Brent Wahba | January 9, 2015
"Whether it’s eating healthy, saving for retirement, or pursuing Lean, we are all biased towards maximizing the here and now as opposed to working towards a better future payout," writes Brent Wahba. "We’ve got a lot work to do to make Lean simpler, easier, and more successful for the masses.  " More »
Mike Hoseus on Hoshin Kanri
May 27, 2011
Michael Hoseus, LEI faculty member and co-author of the Shingo Award-winning book Toyota Culture, gives examples in this presentation clip of the differences between hoshin kanri (strategy deployment) and traditional business planning approaches such as management by objectives. Read a whitepaper on strategy deployment and watch a clip from a DVD.     More »
Pivoting Just-In-Time with Hoshin Kanri at Toyota
By: Mark Reich | May 26, 2020
Articles; eLetters
Learn about the power of hoshin kanri, a systematic approach to defining a strategy and, more importantly, a management system that engages all people to support that strategy while building horizontal and vertical alignment. More »
Pivoting Just-In-Time with Hoshin Kanri at Toyota
By: Mark Reich | June 2, 2020
Learn about the power of hoshin kanri, a systematic approach to defining a strategy and, more importantly, a management system that engages all people to support that strategy while building horizontal and vertical alignment. More »
Policy Deployment: aka Strategy Alignment, aka Hoshin Kanri (Appendix 2 to the Eletter “Lead from the Front, Lead from Behind”)
By: Shook, John | February 19, 2013
As a way of illustrating the most common misconception about hoshin kanri, namely, that it’s a top-down deployment process, LEI CEO John Shook explains in Appendix 2 to his eletter “Leadership Again,” how a middle manager at NUMMI, the Toyota-GM joint venture, made an impact on the organization. More »
Put Your Strategy on a Diet
By: Pascal Dennis | July 2, 2014
"When it comes to goal setting in most organizations, 'Just one more…' seems to be the compulsion," writes Pascal Dennis. Read why less is more when it comes to strategy. More »
The Cascade of Hoshin
By: James P. Womack | August 3, 2018
Toyota President Akio Toyoda and the senior leadership team have decided that the simultaneous emergence of autonomy, alternative energy, shared assets, and hyper-connectivity are collectively creating a “once-in-a-century disruption” in the auto industry as it transitions to a mobility industry, commonly termed Mobility 2.  0. Jim Womack shares how they are using hoshin to tackle this. More »
The Value of Sharpening Skills Through 'Jishuken'
By: Matthew Savas | October 10, 2018
Jishuken, or self-learning, is a wet stone that grinds a worker's brain down to a start point, says Matt Savas--and is key to a disciplined management system of learning and improvement. More »
What are the pitfalls of implementing hoshin kanri?
By: Ballé, Michael | March 28, 2016
Columns; eLetters
Dear Gemba Coach,I’ve heard of hoshin kanri, and I’d really like to try it in my company – what should I keep in mind? More »
What Strategy Is and What It's Not
By: Dave LaHote | January 28, 2015
"In my career, I was always more interested in what it would take to create and sustain competitive advantage than just doing good things," writes Dave LaHote. "What I observed was that a lack of strategy elegantly deployed was still lack of strategy.  ..  " Read more. More »
Why You Should Link Hoshin Kanri with A3 Problem-Solving
By: Mark Reich | July 30, 2020
With A3 tightly linked to hoshin, an organization will not only solve problems but also will have the opportunity to innovate new ways of operating throughout the business More »
Getting the Right Things Done (Chapter 1)
By: Dennis, Pascal | December 11, 2006
Welcome to the imaginary (but very real) Atlas Industries a medium-sized manufacturer in danger of becoming a former manufacturer as price competition from off-shore competitors and annual cost reductions from customers combined to threaten its viability. Lean tools and kaizen events had resulted in some improvements but it needed a sustained breakthrough to survive.    More »
Could hoshin kanri be too bureaucratic for my small tech company?
By: Ballé, Michael | June 9, 2015
Columns; eLetters
I started a new IT services company 15 years ago and we’ve grown to 20 people. We must keep abreast of new tech, but I get frustrated with being the only one seriously concerned with experimenting and learning new systems, so I implemented hoshin kanri to get others on board. I'm getting a lot of pushback that hoshin is too bureaucratic for our size. Is this normal resistance? Should I stick with it, or regroup and rethink? More »
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