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From the Lean Lexicon 5th Edition:

Visual Management:   The placement in plain view of all tools, parts, production activities, and indicators of production system performance, so the status of the system can be understood at a glance by everyone involved. More »
Visual Management – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
By: shook, John | June 20, 2012
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Visualization is a good thing. We all know that. And many of us in the Lean Community practice it, to greater or lesser degrees of effectiveness. Among other benefits, making visible such things (see examples below) as pace or quality of work makes it easier to solve problems and sustain gains. To quote Dr. Thoralf Sundt of Mayo Clinic, "If I can see it, I can fix it.  " More »
Where can I find information about visual management?
By: Michael Ballé | October 21, 2019
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Dear Gemba Coach: I can’t find much written about visual management although it seems an important part of lean – any idea where to look? More »
Why does visual management at a Toyota plant look so much different than at ours?
By: Michael Ballé | September 3, 2018
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Dear Gemba Coach: We have been deploying lean visual management in my company for a while now, and I am troubled because I finally visited a Toyota plant and found far fewer boards and papers on the walls than we use – we seem to cover every surface. It made me wonder whether we’re doing this right. More »
A Deeper Dive into Visual Management at Toyota
By: Andrew Quibell | November 22, 2016
"In a previous sketch I introduced Toyota’s approach to visual management, or Floor Management Display Systems (FMDS), including the six elements of creating FMDS," writes Andrew Quibell. "Now it’s time for a deeper dive into those six elements and explore how their approach guarantees an effective floor display will present compelling messages.  " More »
An Overview of Visual Management at Toyota
By: Andrew Quibell | October 20, 2016
"Implementing visual management (VM) is a cornerstone of any lean transformation," writes Andrew Quibell. "And few companies know that better than Toyota.  " In this first of two sketches on visual management at Toyota, Andrew illustrates the fundamentals of the process as Toyota practices itself and teaches its suppliers. More »
How do I keep visual management from becoming “wallpaper?" A Q&A with John Drogosz
By: John Drogosz | May 31, 2016
"Many managers try to convince everyone (including themselves) that they are visually managing their projects or departments," writes John Drogosz, "but during the gemba walk we see static, outdated displays. Are we just communicating information or really working with what is in front of us?" Read more. More »
Even Visual Management Starts from Need
By: Mark Hamel | March 31, 2016
Have you ever implement a visual management tool at your gemba after seeing it used successfully somewhere else? If so, according to Mark Hamel, you "probably violated a major tenet of lean. [You] did not start from need. [You] started by copying someone else’s stuff.  " Every visual management tool needs to be situational to address your specific needs. Read more. More »
How do you introduce visual management into a product development facility?
By: Ballé, Michael | December 21, 2015
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Dear Gemba Coach: What steps do you start with to introduce visual management into a product development facility? More »
How can I estimate the savings from using visual management boards?
By: Ballé, Michael | February 9, 2015
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Dear Gemba Coach: I work on a lean team and I was asked to estimate the savings from using visual management boards. The current estimate is that we save about 5% of people’s time as a result of realigning resources and driving performance. Would you know of any studies in this area? More »
Reinforcing Lean Behavior Through Visual Management
By: Doug Bartholomew and Mark Hamel | June 13, 2014
"Without having a visual management perspective in place, it’s difficult for people to know what good is, what the standard is, and whether it is being maintained," says Mark Hamel. "People need to be able to tell if they have a problem. Visual controls are part of that.  " More »
Are computer screens okay for visual management?
By: Ballé, Michael | June 4, 2014
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Dear Gemba Coach: Can I use computer screens for visual management or is that a big no-no? More »
Integrating Visual Management Tools and Leader Standard Work
This course deals with designing and executing an implementation plan to migrate your company from one of “gather data, synthesize, meet, and react” to one of “see waste, manage exceptions, and improve processes”.     It will show you how to tie together the tools of Policy Deployment, Value Stream Mapping, Visual Management, and Management Standard Work. The emphasis of the course is on the development of visual management tools and incorporating them into management standard work. More »
Integrating Visual Management
This workshop introduces the tools and practices of visual management as one of the components of the Lean Management System and shows how they need to be used to effectively support the daily routine of lean leaders. More »
Supporting Healthcare Leader Standard Work with Visual Management Tools
If you are involved in Lean healthcare, in any capacity, you have probably heard about Gemba Walks and Visual Management. By combining Visual Management and Leader Standard Work, you harness the power of your organization seeing waste in real time and coming up with creative ways to eliminate it, improve patient care, and make the job of providing health care easier for everyone. This course will show you the basic tools necessary to reach those goals. This workshop has application in areas including: • Primary care • Pediatrics • Family practice • Optometry • Chiropractics & Alternative healthcare • Emergency More »
Ask Art: What is the Walk of Shame, and Why Is It Effective?
By: Art Byrne | February 17, 2021
Take your team on a walk of shame, urges lean veteran Art Byrne. He suggests that you have some fun with it, but ask serious questions about what you are seeing at every stop. If you do it correctly, this exercise can change people's opinions and jump-start you down the lean path. More »
Quibell visual of Making Work Work in First 90 Days
July 28, 2020
Use this visual guide by Andrew Quibell to help inform your first 90 days as a lean leader.    More »
Designing the Patient Flow to Fight Covid-19
By: Lean Leaper | April 29, 2020
A Lean Global Network team of lean practitioners and coaches shares a set of lean healthcare tips hospitals can use today to support their battle against Covid-19. Part 1 of a 7 part series, Fighting Covid-19 with Lean Healthcare. More »
How A Virtual Obeya Can Enable Effective Teamwork
By: Katrina Appell | April 9, 2020
With the pandemic forcing organizations to adapt to new, socially distant working arrangements, we need to create systems that help people collaborate to solve problems, says Katrina Appell. Here she details effective ways to use a virtual obeyas. More »
Why (and How) We Believe Lean Can Help During Covid-19
By: Lean Sensei Women | March 20, 2020
As Lean Sensei Women, we have put together some relevant lean suggestions and ideas for your organization to use (and of course, you can apply many of them at home as well) in response to Covid-19. They’re simple and easy, can be implemented quickly, and are all based on our lean principles of respect for humanity and continuous improvement. More »
Can lean management help with the start of production?
By: Michael Ballé | December 9, 2019
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Dear Gemba Coach: Can lean management help with the start of production? More »
Can lean management help with toxic managers?
By: Michael Ballé | November 25, 2019
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Dear Gemba Coach: Can lean management help with toxic managers? More »
Go and See: Where The Magic Is
By: Nicolas Chartier | June 7, 2019
To reconnect with the reality of your business, go to the gemba, advises CEO Nicolas Chartier of Aramisauto. But to really experience the magic that happens, be sure to ask your people to display and visualize their flow, and you will discover unexpected opportunities for growth. More »
"Roll"-ing Out Lean at Kura Sushi
By: Katie Anderson | November 29, 2018
Self-professed "lean geek" Katie Anderson has eaten several meals at Kura Sushi restaurants and shares her observations on what she sees as lean principles at play More »
The Art of Work
By: Jean Cunningham | November 16, 2018
A visit to the Grohmann Museum helped remind Jean Cunningham that when done correctly and consistently, lean starts to reconnect people to work and work to people. Using lean principles and tools helps recreate worker ownership of the work, connection to the customer need, and value creation. More »
Avoiding Dashboard Wallpaper
By: Leslie Barker | September 6, 2018
Build a system of dashboards up and down the organization, says Leslie Barker. Connect them so ideas flow upward and support flows to the idea. It’s a bit tricky setting up dashboards that summarize the performance and capture the critical ideas of many departments below, but it can be done through trial and error. More »
Seeing the Work of a Daily Management System
By: Michael Ballé | April 18, 2018
Daily management systems tap visual elements that expose problems, and also use obeyas as thinking spaces for reflecting on broader challenges, says Michael Balle. More »
How do I know people are displaying the right visual information in an office?
By: Michael Balle | April 2, 2018
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Dear Gemba Coach: We’ve been quite successful with lean in our operations, and I’ve been tasked to bring it to headquarters. We’ve set up obeyas and stand-up meetings in all departments, and people are putting all sorts of information on the wall. However, I’m not sure we’re looking at the right things – any advice? More »
Andon Cues Service Center to Respond to Customer Queue
By: Chet Marchwinski | March 13, 2018
An Ohio Mutual service center has no andon cord to stop a production line but the principal is the same as in a factory -- an abnormality has occurred, take corrective action. More »
Why Bother Making It Visual?
By: Leslie Barker | October 3, 2017
What to do when you need to make the work visible, but your people aren't behind it? Leslie Barker has some suggestions based on this story of overcoming resistance to visual management. More »
How Obeya Improved Our Product Development Efforts
By: Andy Houk | August 15, 2017
As a followup to John Drogosz's piece on the stages of obeya from last week, Andy Houk, a client of John's at TechnipFMC, discusses how an obeya room that John helped them set up affects their work today. More »
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