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LEI is offering Workshops on March 28th, after the Lean Transformation Summit. View the full list of 1 day workshops below. There is a 25% discount on Workshops for Summit attendees. 

These in-depth programs will help move you beyond individual "tools" and isolated improvement projects to build leadership capabilities and develop management skills needed to create the complete lean enterprise and a culture of problem solving.

 Breakfast is served at 7:00 AM, workshops begin at 8:00 AM and end at 4:00 PM.

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Building the Lean Fulfillment Stream

Change that Sustains

Coaching for Personal Development: Using the Personal Improvement A3 Framework

Coaching Those Who Are Not On Board, In Denial or “Addicted to the Status Quo” and Actively or Passively Resisting Change

Conscious Coaching: Developing Great Problem Solvers using Mindfulness Practices

Designing the Future: A Lean Product & Process Development Immersive Learning Experience

Foundational Learning Experience for Standardized Work

HR Strategies for Successful Sustainable Lean Transformation

Influence Skills for Lean/CI Leaders and Coaches

Leading the Organization with Courage and Humility

Lean Office: Making the Invisible Visible

Lean Thinking in Retail

Mapping your Work, Navigating Life: Personal Kanban

PDCA - Problem Solving

The Fundamentals of Work in a Lean Operating System

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