Lean Summit 2020
April 6-7, 2020  |  Carlsbad, CA
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Learning Session

Changing the Culture by Truly Focusing on the Customer

How does your customer measure you?

We ask this a lot in continuous improvement, but how well do we practice it Crayola’s journey of focusing on the needs of our top customers sparked a transformational change in culture. You’ll learn how this iconic brand took a fresh look at customer compliance and turned it into how it works every day to meet and exceed customer's needs (not to mention millions in cost savings)!

  • Hear why Crayola believes lean management is a way of thinking that makes work more satisfying for employees and Crayola more competitive as a company;
  • Understand how it emphasizes learning and challenging the minds of people to identify and solve problems; 
  • Discover how solving problems helps Crayola cut costs, react quickly to market changes, and maximize the value delivered to customers.
  • Examine how the Crayola Operating System applies lean principles and tools, especially the key elements of:
    • standard work
    • visual management
    • waste reduction
    • structured problem solving


Cindy Donchez
Cindy Donchez Crayola
Heather Vinson
Heather Vinson Crayola

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