Lean Summit 2020
April 6-7, 2020  |  Carlsbad, CA
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Plenary Session

Ronald P. Kelner
Ronald P. Kelner Deublin Company

Staying the Course to a Lean Business System

Deublin President and CEO Ron Kelner will reveal how the Deublin Performance System (DPS), its version of the Toyota Production System, was developed and sustained since it began with changeover reduction on an assembly cell machine in 2008.

Since then, DPS has spread to global facilities in sales, engineering, operations, IT, and human resources. It is how Deublin plans and executes business strategy and how it develops people. Ron will cover key elements of DPS and its milestones as Deublin stayed the course in its continuous improvement journey:

  • 1945 - Command and control delivers quality products with heroic efforts;
  • 2005 - Quality management system achieves basic stability;
  • 2008 to 2013 – DPS philosophy and tools emerge, including:
    • One-piece flow, changeover reduction, standardized work, problem solving, kanban, value streams, initial A3s;
    • Developing kaizen leaders, value-stream managers, and team leaders.
  • 2014 to present: Making problems visible and developing people standardizes and improves the business:
    • Linking strategic A3s to sub-A3s globally and functionally;
    • Making daily problem-solving visible in operations, engineering, and sales through the floor management development system;
    • Developing kaizen leaders as managers; training for VPs, directors, and managers; A3 thinking for senior leaders.
  • Results
    • Business: Leadership in products, processes, and the bottom line;
    • People: Successful college recruitment; kaizen leaders becoming engineers, developing managers as future senior leaders, advancing temps to full-time positions, team leaders, and value-stream managers;
    • Immersion for VPs, directors, and managers.


Ronald P. Kelner
Ronald P. Kelner Deublin Company

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