Lean Summit 2020
April 6-7, 2020  |  Carlsbad, CA
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home > 2020 Lean Summit > Sessions > Learning Session: Knowledge, Grit, Outrage, and a Strong Bias for Action at United Plastics Fabricating

Learning Session

Andrew Lingel
Andrew Lingel United Plastic Fabricating

Knowledge, Grit, Outrage, and a Strong Bias for Action at United Plastics Fabricating

In this session, Karl Ohaus and Andrew Lingel, president of United Plastic Fabricating (UPF), will explore the lean transformation in progress since 2018 at the company, which designs and manufactures custom plastic tanks at facilities in Massachusetts, Florida. and Wisconsin. Lingel has been working with his team at UPF to take the organization through transformation that benefits customers, employees, and owners. Join us for learning session that is full of stories and lessons, which Ohaus and Lingel will examine from three angles: 
Knowledge - Create an understanding of basic lean concepts. 

  • Flow of value to the customer (Make only what the customer needs); 
  • The principle, “Pass no defect forward; 
  • Engage the people doing the work in improving the work where the work is being done (relentlessly). 

Grit – Create an environment where employees can be resilient. 

  • Safe to experiment; 
  • Open to new ideas; 
  • Responsive leadership. 

Outrage – Have a deep dissatisfaction with the way things are going because you know that they can be better! 

  • Learning to see waste; 
  • Believing that the team can do better; 
  • Setting goals that the team may not know how to achieve yet, but knows are attainable;  

Specifically, Ohaus and Lingel will share insights on: 

  • What has worked and what hasn’t at UPF, including iterations in coaching and learning, regarding how to apply simple lean principles to a mixed-model, custom, craft-designed, craft-built specialty product; 
  • Changes in the way leadership thinks; 
  • Impact of the changes on the total organization; 
  • Why measuring the right things is critical; 
  • How the scheduling of work has evolved; 
  • Organizational alignment around purpose and problems. 

All the changes at UPF have been based on learning basic lean concepts with a focus on embedding them in leadership and value-creator thinkingorganizational systems, and processes. Please bring your questions to this interactive session.


Andrew Lingel
Andrew Lingel United Plastic Fabricating

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