September 14 - November 20, 2020
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2020 Virtual Lean Summit Experience

Join us at the 2020 Virtual Lean Summit Experience (VLX) for a 10-week learning experience starting September 14th!

Sustaining a lean management transformation in normal times is hard. With many businesses and organizations locked down or operating remotely, it’s even harder.  

So, we’ve assembled a lineup of lean practitioners who have demonstrated the perseverance and grit to sustain transformations and commitments to lean practice over the long haul, through good times and bad. Join our email list to stay update.

VLX Videos

Learn from Lean Leaders

Watch 20+ on-demand videos and rewatch your favorites at any time.

VLX Videos

Build your Network

Develop lasting connections with small-group discussions and live virtual networking sessions.

VLX Videos

Engage in Live Q&A Sessions

Take a deep dive and talk directly with presenters and ask questions every week.

Featured in the virtual experience will be everything you were expecting at our in-person annual Lean Summit and Designing the Future Summit—plus some extras. Only the format will change.

On Monday of each week, you will receive links to on-demand videos that feature speakers who were going to deliver plenaries, keynotes, breakouts, and learning sessions at our Lean and Designing the Future Summits—plus some special guests.

During the week, you will join the discussion in the VLX online community and exchange ideas with other attendees.

On Friday, you will attend a live Q&A interactive session, where you can interact with the speakers, ask questions, participate in small-group discussions, and network.

And long after the event ends, VLX content will keep supporting your transformation and team because tuition includes the freedom to access video presentations on-demand. You and your team can watch – and learn -- from the videos again, again, and again.

The larger your team, the more you save! Learn about our tiered pricing for groups.

Ways you can leverage this new learning approach