September 14 - November 20, 2020
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The Virtual Lean Learning Experience starts September 14th

The VLX is an immersive 10-week master class, unlike any conference, class, or workshop you ever attended. Through a creative combination of live-streaming and recorded video, interactive activities and hands-on, at-the-gemba challenges, networking opportunities, Q&A sessions, select reading material, and more, you will:

VLX Videos

Learn from Lean Leaders

Learn from presenters of the foremost lean practitioners as they share successes, failures, and lessons they’ve learned from their journeys.

VLX Videos

Engage in Live Q&A Sessions

Gather practical takeaways,realize new ways of thinking, and begin to address the problem you’re working to resolve, as you complete challenging hands-on activities

VLX Videos

Build your Network

Meet and develop life long connections with some of the most forward-thinking, eager-to-learn lean colleagues you’ll ever meet.

VLX Videos


Deepen your understanding of lean thinking and practice (LT&P), as you get advice and informal – and even some formal -- coaching from LEI coaches. 

Designed and presented using the latest instructional methodologies -- the Virtual Lean Learning Experience 2020 promises to catapult your -- and your team’s -- lean thinking and practice to the next level.  

Build Your Credibility as a Lean Practitioner as You Help Your Organization Sustain Its Transformation

VLX Talking PointsYou and your team members each will spend an estimated 100,000 hours of your lives working. Set aside a few of them this fall to invest in yourselves and your company’s continuous improvement efforts without wasting any time traveling.

Make plans today for you and your team members to sharpen critical continuous improvement skills by attending the Virtual Lean Learning Experience (VLX), a 10-week, in-depth course of study that begins September 14, 2020. Check out the VLX tiered pricing schedule for training large groups of people cost-effectively.

Lean Summit + Designing the Future Summit 

By attending, you’ll reap the value of two formerly live, annual events – the Lean Summit and the Designing the Future SummitThis powerful combination promises to catalyze your enterprise learning by demonstrating how LT&P in business operations extends to lean product and process development (LPPD). 

For presenters, we’ve selected lean practitioners who have demonstrated the perseverance and grit to sustain transformations and commitments to lean practice over the long haul, through good times and bad. They’ll deliver not just information but inspiration, which we can all use some of nowadays.  

Typical VLX week overview.

You’ll get at least two, week-long learning sessions weekly -- that's ten weeks ofeducation across the breadth of lean thinking and practice.

Throughout the week, attendees will join in numerous online networking opportunities and live Q&A sessions, complete “Go Do” challenges and other interactive activities, review bonus learning material, and hear advice from coaches, and more.

At the end of the 10 weeks, you’ll be better equipped to lead your organization’s lean transformation and your team through the new challenges facing every manager who is working to sustain positive change and improve performance.

Take action now to advance your career and your organization's transformation. Reserve spots for you and your team members.

Hear stories and learn lessons from practitioners

Learn from lean’s most advanced practitioners in healthcare, education, manufacturing, retail, and service organizations. You’ll gather the information and gain the inspiration you need to rededicate yourself and your organization to your continuous improvement journey – the same as you expect from an LEI live summit.  

VLX2020 CompaniesUnlike a live event, you’ll be able to: 

See who will share their lean journey and what they've learned at VLX.

Ways you can leverage this new learning approach