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Managing to Learn Remotely: A3 Management - At Your Pace, At Your Place

Learning online does not mean learning alone. Avoid travel costs and maximize peer learning and instructor face-to-face time in an online environment that helps you to breakdown problem-solving using the A3 format. By attending this remote workshop, you will be led by seasoned coaches one step at a time, allowing you the space & time you need to reflect and apply the learning along the way. This approach helps you align around a problem at your company that is informed by real-time facts and your colleagues' knowledge. Along the way you will receive feedback and support from peers and senior coaches.

This class is designed to maximize individual attention to your problem & your learning needs. To foster a deep learning experience, class size is limited.


Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrably show improvement in a key business problem.
  • Reduce lead-time to mutual understanding by leveraging indisputable facts and visualizing thinking.
  • Prompt deeper understanding of problem situation by asking effective questions.
  • Take decisive & informed action on a problem by following a guided framework.

Target Audience: 

  • Managers who struggle to gain alignment in their problem-solving efforts
  • Managers with interest in improving their coaching and management methods by developing problem-solvers

MTL Class stages of learning

Running Schedule:

The course runs for 5-9 weeks with a time commitment of ~3 hours per week for assignments, readings, and live meetings. (The length of the course depends how frequently we have the video-conference: every 1-2 weeks). 

You can register for the next class: Mondays, September 9 - October 7, 10am-Noon EST


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Coaching & Office Hours: 

First, our live classes include smaller break-out sessions so that you can receive coaching and feedback in a small group setting. Secondly, we will post discussion questions for you and your peers to interact with between sessions. Lastly, you may schedule office hours, giving you the opportunity for individualized feedback. 

Technology Used:

Communication Channel: all our documents, assignments, and discussions will take place here. We use either Slack or WhatsApp, which are both user-friendly on computer, tablet, and mobile device. Using a closed, private group, allows you the freedom to learn with your peers both during and after the course. 

Zoom: we will host our live meetings on zoom. (You will receive an invitation with the link).


What if I cannot attend all of the live meetings? We will record the meetings and provide them to attendees upon request. However, you will get the most value by attending the live sessions. 

I’ve never used the technology (Zoom, Slack or WhatsApp); are they easy to navigate? These applications are user-friendly. We will do all of the registering on the back-end for you so that you can simply download the app and go. We have been experimenting with these technologies amongst users of various ages and backgrounds and have received positive user feedback.

What if I do not know what problem I need to solve? This is often the case. If you are able to define a problem to solve with your supervisor, employees, and colleagues ahead of time, that is ideal. However, the majority of our learners come to this class without a clearly defined problem. That is what the first part of the class is all about.

Will taking this class solve the problem that I bring forth? In some cases, yes. In most cases this class will help you frame the way you address the problem by helping you recognize when you or a colleague is jumping to a solution or defining a problem in terms of a pre-determined solution. This class will set you up to attack your problem from an informed angle while aligning key stakeholders, thus setting you up for success.

What does this include?

  • 10 hours of live, online interaction
  • guided framework for problem-solving and managing to develop problem-solvers
  • feedback from facilitators and peers
  • communication channel for use throughout course and after its conclusion
  • assignments between live sessions to begin connecting theory to practice
  • opportunities to practice discrete skills with live feedback
How does this class compare with other MTL offerings? 


Managing to Learn

 2-day Workshop

Managing to Learn

Gemba-based Experience

Managing to Learn

Remote Class



Local Business

Your place of work & computer

Peer-to-peer interaction




Live coaching




Example used for practice

Your own problem

The business visited as a class

Your own problem

Peer-to-Peer interaction




Opportunity to collect

real-time data


At host site

At your own place of work

“Go do” challenges



Time to process & apply each chunk of learning



On-going support





16 hours

16 hours

10 hours live coaching; 6 weeks of support





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