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2015 Lean Transformation Summit

The 2015 Lean Transformation Summit in New Orleans on March 4 & 5 is SOLD OUT, however you can still join us virtually starting at $750 per person.


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The Lean Post NEW!The Lean Post
Three Types of Lean
"We’ve all heard 'Lean is great for 'that' company, but not for the business I lead,'" says Chris Vogel. Learn more about applying lean thinking in a manufacturing environment, a service environment, and in sectors that are mostly about decision making.
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Lean Education

Train to Sustain

Managing to Learn: Using the A3 Management Process: You’ll work through an A3 that addresses a real problem at work, March 24-25, at LEI.


New! Practicing Lean Fundamentals in an Office Environment: A powerful simulation makes the concepts stick, March 31-April 1, at LEI.


Integrating Visual Management Tools and Leader Standard Work: Combine 2 critical tools to drive continuous improvement, April 2, at LEI.


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book cover The Mental Model for Strategy Deployment

Using an easy-to-read business novel format, Getting the Right Things Done shows you the system and thinking behind a powerful lean method for planning and execution.


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Lean Case Studies

Arranged in 16 categories – including manufacturing, healthcare, job shops, privately held companies, you name it. Find the examples you need fast.
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These Wrong Assumptions Will Destroy Your Coaching Efforts

Making the assumption that PDCA problem solving is just problem solving can undermine your effectiveness as a lean/CI coach.
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Improvement/Coaching Kata Improvement Kata
& Coaching Kata

Start 'em Early! Create Scientific Thinkers.

The Improvement Kata & Coaching Kata's practice routines for scientific thinking can be applied in business, education and -- as shown in this month's Kata video -- in our personal lives too. The Davis Family shows us how we can use the Improvement Kata pattern with our kids, nephews, nieces, grandkids - right now. Just think how well prepared they will be for life's challenges!

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New and
John Shook
New Year’s Reflection
John Shook Happy New Year! Even if you are not one of those who makes New Year’s resolutions the new year is surely a good time for reflection. Lean thinkers conduct specific reflection after completing each activity. The transition to a new calendar year is an excellent occasion for general reflection, for asking: “how are things going?”
Gemba Coach
Dear Gemba Coach, Is there a difference between executive coaching and lean coaching?
Michael Ballé Dear Gemba Coach,Is there a difference between executive coaching and lean coaching?
A3 Dojo
Don't Present Your A3: Share Your A3
A3 Coach Eric Ethington explains why he encourages people to share rather than present their A3s--and explains the reasons why this distinction helps foster productive teamwork and learning.
Learn from the Lean Community
Looking for some inspiration or guidance on your lean journey? Not sure how to figure out takt time or want to learn how lean is being applied in government? Check out LEI's forums.
On-Site Training
Bring Lean Learning In-House

Most of our 30+ workshops can be taught at your facility by our faculty of lean management professionals, who have years of experience implementing what they teach. Call 617-871-2900 for more information about tailoring on-site workshops to your specific needs.

Webinar Archives
Managing to Learn, Parts 1 and 2

Managing to Learn, Parts 1 and 2, authors and lean management experts John Shook, LEI CEO, and Jim Womack, LEI founder, capture the heart of lean management.