Lean Leadership Series
The challenges of leading and sustaining lean transformations.
And where do I start?

Rooted in Purpose, Process, and respect for People, lean is about creating the most value for the customer, while minimizing resources, time, energy, and effort used.

KAIZEN CHALLENGE: Lean Technical and Social Quiz
In this kaizen challenge, lean coach Jeff Smith invites you to help determine the optimal lot size to run through assembly. Please share your thoughts!
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Stories to inspire, learn and teach others

Books on lean thinking and practice, management, instruction, and stories of transformation.

Publications like Managing to Learn, Learning to See, Gemba Walks, and Lead With Respect have become industry standards.

July 31-Aug 1 | Jekyll Island, GA

We hope you will join us on the island as we bake in the sun and cook up a discussion about engaging the heart and the mind through lean coaching.

You'll hear from a business owner and executive chef about their own head and heart calculations, developed through being coached and coaching others. We will also spend time with the heads and hearts of a diverse group of business leaders and advisors, learning their views of the equation and how they work through it practically.

Invest in creating a learning culture

In-person, in-depth training at LEI build skills in fundamental and advanced lean principles. Enroll yourself and your team today!

James P. Womack Scholarship & Philanthropy Fund

Problem: There aren’t enough lean practitioners nor successful lean transformations.

Our proposed countermeasure is to create a fund – named after our founding CEO – to develop the next generation of lean practitioners, scale up the number of transformations, and improve people’s lives. We’ll begin testing our hypothesis this summer.

Should I bother reading lean management books or rely on experience implementing lean?
Michael Ballé Dear Gemba Coach, Should I bother with reading lean books, or just work from experience? There are so many, and they seem to contradict each other. Which ones should I start with?
VSM and Toyota Kata
Give us 20 years and we'll learn a lot! This month's Kata SlideShare features perspectives from Mike Rother and Jeff Liker on the 20th Anniversary of the 'Learning to See' book. Useful input for anyone who utilizes VSM.