Support Through Storytelling
Share your problem-solving stories during Covid-19 with the lean community and beyond.
Developing Awareness on the Gemba
Lean Sensei Sandrine Olivencia shares practical advice on ways to be present and to coach in the moment at the gemba
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Our summits are going 100% virtual






The Lean and Designing the Future Summits are being transformed into a combined virtual experience taking place 100% online.

To promote safety and good health for members of the Lean Community, LEI is suspending all in-person activities in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The two Summits will be combined into the Virtual Lean Summit (VLX) slated to launch this fall. 

And where should you start your lean journey

Rooted in Purpose, Process, and respect for People, lean is about creating the most value for the customer, while minimizing resources, time, energy, and effort used.

Are you solving the problem or the symptom of the problem?

The practice of asking why repeatedly whenever a problem is encountered in order to get beyond the obvious symptoms to discover the root cause.

What is Lean Product & Process Development (LPPD)?

LPPD is powerful system for developing new products, proven effective in companies large and small across diverse industries.

Check out LEI webinars, podcasts, videos and more

These are convenient ways to bring you and your team members practical knowledge from experienced lean leaders, practitioners, and coaches.

Workbooks to learn and teach others

Books on problem solving, creating flow,  management, lean thinking, and stories of transformation.

Many available on ebook and audio book with more to come!

James P. Womack Scholarship & Philanthropy Fund

LEI established the JPW Fund to advance how lean thinking is taught in school and learned through practice at the gemba.

Listen the WLEI Podcast: What’s the Problem: A conversation with Matt Lovejoy on how LEI is trying to create more lean thinkers coming out of university »