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Introduction to Problem Solving

Level set lean training for your team easily, quickly, and cost effectively.

Ask Art: What's Wrong with Organizing By Function?
While you might be able to survive and be profitable using a traditional functional structure the fact is that you will be leaving a lot of money on the table. Moving to lean and flow eliminates structural problems, lowers cost, improves quality, shortens lead times and is more responsive to the customer.
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A Humble Conversation

"We want individuals to own outcomes not just the tasks. And that way they can truly own the tasks and how they are combined to then create outcomes that they want. So, as opposed to accountability for task, which leads to compliance mentality, we seek responsibility for outcomes."

The 2017 dialogue/debate focused on deeper questions of the importance of relationships in situations of influencing change without authority.

What's your definition of lean?
Michael Ballé Dear Gemba Coach,  My company is adopting lean, which has so many definitions that I find it confusing. What's your definition and why can’t all these lean experts agree?
The Gold Mine Trilogy Set

The Gold Mine Trilogy Study Guide is designed to work through the books one chapter at a time. The material is structured to support a regular cadence of team discussions.

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Lean Product & Process Development

Learn how companies are using Lean Product & Process Development (LPPD) to create a sustainable system for consistently delivering great products and profitable value streams.

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Womacks's Yokoten: What does a lean employer look like? In this month’s column, the author reflects on the long-term commitment to employees a company engaged in lean thinking should make.

Discover the Missing Piece to Lean Management Sustainability -- and Profitability

Jim Lancaster, Lantech CEO, candidly describes what the erstwhile “kings of kaizen” did to revive a wilting continuous improvement effort – that quadrupled profits – by introducing a daily management system rooted in maintaining basic process stability and engaging people at all levels. Includes a bonus follow-up Q&A with Jim.

Toyota Kata at Zingerman's Mail Order

This month's Toyota Kata video is about the early days of TK practice at Zingerman's Mail Order. Decision-making can be moved more to the teams in an organization, if that's combined with teaching people a scientific way of making decisions and navigating. Practicing the starter routines of TK helps develop scientific-thinking skills and mindset.