Lean Summit 2019
Next Gen Learning and the Challenge of Sustainability
March 25-26 Optional Workshops, March 27-28, 2019 | Houston, TX
New Books!

Designing the Future

"It is a must read for any leader who wants to create lasting value by building not just a great product, but a turbocharged product creating machine." – from the Foreword by Alan R. Mulally

Four Types of Problems

In Four Types of Problemscontinuous improvement expert and author Art Smalley shows you how to break the “hammer-and-nail” trap.

Getting Started with Lean Product and Process Development
Learning and applying the concepts of LPPD is no different than learning any other new skill in life, says Andy Hook. In this article he shares his personal learning cycle of three steps (repeated many times, over many years): self-study, getting a coach, and practicing.
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Introduction to Problem Solving

Level set lean training for your team easily, quickly, and cost effectively.

What's your problem?

There may be nothing more fundamental to lean thinking and practice than problem solvingFor that matter, there may be nothing more fundamental to being human than problem solving.

We breathe, we eat, we create civilizations – we deal with (solve, tackle) problems every step of the way.

But, to label an activity “problem solving” neither solves any problems nor explains what problem solving even means

Managing to Learn Remotely: A3 Management - at your pace, at your place

Solve real problems at your company by collecting real-time data, collaborating with colleagues, and gathering feedback and support from peers and senior coaches.

I have years of experience in operational excellence but if I were to start lean where should I start?
Michael Ballé Dear Gemba Coach,  I have years of experience in operational excellence and have always assumed that lean is just a more gemba-focused way of improving processes. You seem to think that lean and operational excellence differ widely. If I were to start lean, in your sense, where should I start?
Lean Product & Process Development

Learn how companies are using Lean Product & Process Development (LPPD) to create a sustainable system for consistently delivering great products and profitable value streams.

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Discover the Missing Piece to Lean Management Sustainability -- and Profitability

Jim Lancaster, Lantech CEO, candidly describes what the erstwhile “kings of kaizen” did to revive a wilting continuous improvement effort – that quadrupled profits – by introducing a daily management system rooted in maintaining basic process stability and engaging people at all levels. 

VSM + TK: Navigating to your desired future

A short video by emsstrategies.com to address the issue that once you've drawn a future-state map, how do you effectively move from current to future state? We need a sense of direction or challenge, which VSM can help provide, but we also need some scientific-thinking skills for navigating our way there. VSM is a way to define direction, and practicing Toyota Kata develops your skills to get there.

Official online publication of the Lean Global Network

Womacks's Yokoten: What does a lean employer look like? In this month’s column, the author reflects on the long-term commitment to employees a company engaged in lean thinking should make.

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